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Molecular Devices Introduces SpectraMax® M5e Multi-Detection Microplate Reader

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Molecular Devices Corporation have recently introduced the SpectraMax® M5e multi-detection microplate reader, an extension of the five-mode SpectraMax M5 system.

The tunable SpectraMax M5e is a monochromator-based reader developed in collaboration with Cisbio international and is certified to run HTRF® assays. The system is designed to allow life sciences and drug discovery researchers to increase their productivity by providing them with greater flexibility when using the TRF detection mode.

Commenting on the launch, Christopher Silva, Director of Life Sciences Marketing at Molecular Devices, stated, "The HTRF® assay platform has given researchers an alternative set of kinase and GPCR assays, in addition to traditional radioactive methods.

"These new, pre-formulated assays are amenable to a wide variety of assay conditions and provide results within hours. Our customers can now more easily optimize and run HTRF(R) assays on the multiple-mode SpectraMax M5e without the need for a dedicated, filter-based reader."

With the SpectraMax M5e, users can choose any wavelength between 250 nm and 850 nm and, using its flexible instrument setup options, select the best-suited parameters for their assays.

Like the SpectraMax M5 system, the SpectraMax M5e has primary applications for fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, absorbance, and luminescence assays. Endpoint, kinetic, spectrum, multi-wavelength, and well-area scanning reading methods can be used to run cell viability and proliferation, kinase, reporter gene, ELISA, nucleic acid and protein quantification, and enzymatic assays.

SpectraMax M5e uses Molecular Devices' SoftMax® Pro GxP software, the industry-leading data acquisition and analysis software with complete GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance validation tools.