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New HP Partnership Extends Access to Uno Single Cell Dispenser

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HP Inc., recently announced that it has entered into a new, commercial agreement with valued strategic partner Tecan, to make the Uno Single Cell Dispenser available to life science and pharma researchers worldwide. The partnership reinforces HP’s commitment to regularize access to breakthrough technologies that have the potential to change the way we approach drug discovery in an accelerated and affordable way.


The single cell dispenser, now offered under Tecan’s brand as the Uno Single Cell DispenserTM, leverages HP inkjet and sensing technology to help researchers isolate and analyze single cells, significantly minimizing complex and hard-to-execute workflows with speed, reliability, ease of use, precision, and economic viability compared to industry alternatives. This innovative technology builds upon HP’s first fully featured life science product, marketed by Tecan as D300e Digital Dispenser, which has helped thousands of drug discovery researchers since being introduced via Tecan in 2015.

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“Pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research labs around the world are looking for cost-competitive solutions that alleviate previously labor-intensive processes,” said Christie Dudenhoefer, Manager of Life Science Solutions Business at HP. “HP life science products have an innovative edge, relying on the value-add from HP inkjet-based technology to miniaturize and simplify workflows in the growing areas of research for proteomics, genomics, and cell line development. We are looking forward to expanding our partnership with Tecan and maximizing the reach and potential of this revolutionary technology.”


Researchers and pharmaceutical companies focused on single-cell proteomics and genomics have been among the early adopters of the Uno Single Cell Dispenser, like the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, known for its groundbreaking work in proteomics. As a result of deploying the Single Cell Dispenser, The Wyss Institute has automated the single cell proteomics SCREEN workflow, enabling researchers to understand a wide range of protein expression patterns that exist across cell populations, a critical step towards understanding disease mechanisms. The ability to have accurate volume dispensing and reproducible outputs makes it possible to run large-scale projects where mass spectrometry time is more of a bottleneck than sample preparation.


“This partnership marks a significant turning point in our ability to advance single cell proteomics research” said Bogdan Budnik, Ph.D., Wyss Institute. The Uno Single Cell Dispenser is helping The Wyss Institute increase sample prep throughput and quantitative reproducibility by achieving highly accurate low volume inkjet dispensing. We are excited about the possibilities HP's technology opens for us in single cell biology. As we move forward, I'm eager to see how this collaboration helps drive innovation in healthcare.”


Single cell research points to the future of personalized healthcare, where bespoke drugs and vaccines are effectively manufactured based on the needs of individual patients. The expanded partnership with Tecan means even non-specialist laboratories will have the ability to take advantage of HP’s proven inkjet-based digital technology for single cell research applications, potentially transforming the time it takes for these lifechanging medicines to be brought to market.


“Tecan’s profound knowledge of lab automation and global reach in Life Sciences, combined with HP’s legacy and expertise in inkjet-based microfluidics, will advance the field of single-cell research with a cutting-edge product that seamlessly integrates performance, ease of use, and affordability” said Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Laboratory Automation at Tecan. “This strategic collaboration between HP and Tecan further broadens our portfolio of end-to-end application solutions and empowers our customers to scale healthcare innovation globally."


HP plans to continue enhancing the usability and functionality of the Uno Single Cell Dispenser, including introducing new features that address workflow execution of the Single Cell Dispenser and advancing HP’s industry-leading microfluidics and sensing technologies so that cutting-edge scientific research can be pushed even further.