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New MCO-170AIC CO2 incubator from Panasonic demonstrates exceptional control and optimises cell culture productivity

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New MCO-170AIC CO2 incubators from Panasonic deliver outstanding quality in performance, maximise cell culture efficiency and provide optimum results and reproducibility. Designed specifically for the safe, consistent cultivation of successful cell lines, this latest innovation offers the very highest levels of precision, security and ease of use.

The MCO-170AIC CO2 incubators are designed with ease of use and work efficiency in mind. Integrated shelf supports provide space for more culture vessels and an easy to clean incubator interior. A new full colour LCD touch screen gives clear information of incubator status (chamber temperature, CO2 level, door open status and alarms) with easy access to controller functions for fast, convenient set-up. A graphical chart display allows users to quickly review incubator performance and a new USB port allows laboratories to optimise cell culture protocols and adhere to standard operating procedures by conveniently transferring logged data to a USB stick.

The Panasonic MCO-170AIC CO2 incubators benefit from a Direct heat and air jacket system for high precision temperature control and rapid recovery, ensuring cultures are always maintained under optimum conditions. A dual IR CO2 sensor maintains accurate control of critical CO2 levels by minimising the effect of temperature and humidity changes during door opening for outstanding performance and fast recovery. A precise culture environment is further ensured by advanced PID control of CO2 and temperature. Enhanced insulation performance and lower energy consumption means users can achieve improved culture conditions, along with a reduction in electrical running costs.1

To provide optimum protection for valuable cultures, MCO-170AIC CO2 incubators incorporate continuous background contamination control with Panasonic’s InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior and optional Safe Cell® UV technology, with new increased UV lamp life, which sterilises airborne and water pan contaminants. Furthermore, the optional H2O2 vapour sterilisation cycle provides a complete, validatable decontamination with a downtime of less than 3 hours. For enhanced security, the incubators are also offered with a new optional electric door lock with password.

The MCO-170AIC CO2 incubator delivers a precisely controlled environment and optimum protection for sensitive cell cultures and increased work efficiency.

 1) Compared to previous Panasonic 170 litre CO2 incubators