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New Single-Cell T-cell Receptor Assay

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Cellular Research, Inc., has announced an early access program for a new assay panel to target the sequencing of T-cell receptor genes. The Single Cell TCR panel for Precise™ assays enables a fast, simple and high-throughput method of sequencing thousands of single cells. Cellular Research is currently making the panel available to researchers interested in immunology and oncology with its early access program.

Found on the surface of T cells, T-cell receptors (TCR) play a central role in activating the immune system in the presence of foreign antigens. The majority of TCRs are comprised of two different protein chains, an alpha and a beta chain. The Single Cell TCR panel for Precise assays is unique because it is the first commercial assay to enable the sequencing of the alpha and beta chain within the same cell, 96- or 384-cells at a time.

The TCR panel may be combined with other standard or custom gene expression panels to enable the correlation of TCR sequences to function in individual T cells. The assay can be used to help understand the immune diversity on the single-cell level, in a high-throughput and highly sensitive manner.

Based on Cellular Research’s patented Molecular Indexing™ technology, the Precise assays offer absolute quantization and bias-free expression information. The assays allow the examination of large numbers of standard or low-input mRNA samples from precious samples, or whenever absolute quantitation is required.

The Precise assays combine molecular and sample indexing in 96- and 384-sample formats, enabling customers to sequence up to 4,608 samples on one sequencing run without investment in new equipment or extensive training.

“This is the only assay on the market delivering highly parallel, single-cell sensitivity for the TCR regions,” said Martin Pieprzyk, Director of Strategic Marketing for Cellular Research. “Using the Precise Single Cell TCR panel, researchers can explore this exciting area of immunology and immune-oncology with everything required to go from cell sorter to sequencing library for only $10 per cell.”