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OGT Significantly Expands Global Reach

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OGT announces that it is rapidly increasing its international reach - benefitting more regions with access to the company’s clinical genomics solutions, expertise and technical support network. OGT has been working closely with Sysmex group companies and new distributors to achieve this, and all new and existing sales channels will now cover CytoSure® and SureSeq™ microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS), in addition to CytoCell® fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) products. This move is a significant step forward on OGT’s mission to help improve clinical care by working in close partnership with its customers.

Committed to providing access to its solutions and expertise no matter where a customer is located, OGT has added a further 14 to its list of 57 countries it provides products to, over the last 2 years. Recent additions include Sysmex Germany and Sysmex Partec Italia, which started supplying OGT products and services to these regions from April 1st 2022.

To ensure that customers continue to receive the highest level of expertise and above-and-beyond support that the company is well known for, OGT is dedicated to providing distributors and Sysmex group companies with first-class training and assistance. Jesús López-Belmonte PhD, Business Sector Manager Cytogenetics Life Science at Sysmex España reflected, “During the last ten years I’ve worked with multiple well-known companies in the cytogenetics space, but I have to say that I have never encountered such a level of client commitment as I have seen from OGT. The team always provides me with all the tools to support our customers, whenever I ask for help. The phrase ‘we will help you get the right results’ reaches a new level with this team – they are always willing to help and collaborate.”

This commitment to global support, knowledge sharing, and partnership is further evidenced by OGT’s highly successful Clinical Education webinar series. This ongoing educational series has already reached close to 1000 participants in more than 20 countries, covering a range of topics from disease overviews to the latest research and testing criteria. The growing success of this knowledge-sharing series reflects the company’s dedication to partnering with customers to better harness genomic analysis and improve patient outcomes.

Reflecting on OGT’s expanding reach, Tori Anthony-Dubernet, Director of European Sales and Support at OGT said: “We are thrilled that we’ve been able to increase access to our clinical support network and genomics solutions so rapidly and successfully. Through sharing our clinical expertise, technology and technical support we have already seen how we can make a big impact on outcomes in new regions. I’m always delighted to see when we can help to implement better testing, because, it’s all about improving patient healthcare and outcomes. At OGT, we’re passionate about making a difference and our pledge to equip more countries with not only our technology, but most importantly, our support and guidance will help to achieve this.”