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Optibrium and PostEra Collaborate To Integrate AI Drug Discovery Solutions

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Optibrium and PostEra, an AI-first biotechnology company with advanced machine learning (ML) technology for preclinical discovery, today announced a collaboration to integrate Optibrium’s StarDrop platform with PostEra’s Manifold software. StarDrop’s comprehensive suite of drug discovery software enables de novo compound design, optimisation, and data analysis and now, with the seamless integration of Manifold’s retrosynthesis ML capabilities, users can identify the best scalable synthetic routes.


Founded in 2019, PostEra’s cutting-edge approach has already attracted high-calibre collaborations, with institutes such as Pfizer and the National Institutes of Health teaming with PostEra on discovery projects. With this integration, PostEra joins Optibrium’s growing list of technology collaborators, including Collaborative Drug Discovery and Certara.


Manifold, a subset of PostEra’s broader medicinal chemistry platform, is a powerful retrosynthesis software that uses ML algorithms to select the best scalable routes for compound synthesis from accessible building blocks, complemented by an intuitive user interface. To streamline project timelines, starting materials which are readily available to purchase can be easily identified through dynamic connections to contract research organisations, globally. Together, StarDrop and Manifold deliver seamless data flow across design, optimisation, analysis and synthesis planning, enabling users to quickly identify and produce high quality, synthetically accessible compounds in the discovery and development of new therapeutics.


Matthew Segall, Chief Executive Officer, Optibrium, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with PostEra, whose team demonstrates an impressive focus on scientific rigour that strongly aligns with our own core values. The combination of StarDrop with Manifold’s retrosynthesis capabilities showcases Optibrium’s ongoing commitment to providing our users with the latest and most innovative technology, delivering a comprehensive AI drug discovery solution that will help scientists to further their R&D projects.”


Aaron Morris, Chief Executive Officer, PostEra, commented: “This collaboration with Optibrium is an exciting opportunity to provide drug discovery scientists with the best possible tools to overcome key challenges in preclinical workflows. By integrating our innovative software products, we hope to make a meaningful impact for patients worldwide.”