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Partnership For Next-generation Smart Food-labelling Project

Partnership For Next-generation Smart Food-labelling Project  content piece image
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CPI, a UK-based technology innovation centre, has supported the development of a next-generation smart labelling technology aimed at dramatically cutting food waste and health risks across the perishable goods industry.

Working in collaboration with the SMEs Intray Limited and Mexar Limited, CPI helped to develop wet media formulations and timing mechanisms for the new Oli-TecTM Time Temperature Indicator label (TTI) technology. These are designed to be cost-effective labels that respond to the age and temperature of specific goods.

The sell-by, use-by and best before dates used for perishable goods currently provide insufficient information to consumers about shelf-life status and degradation, leading to a greater risk of health hazards and increased waste. The Oli-TecTM TTI aims to transform the food industry by providing real-time information for a specific product’s condition throughout its supply chain journey.

TTIs use a green, amber and red traffic light system to highlight their condition. When the label turns red, this notifies consumers that the product is no longer fit for use or consumption. The amber call to action label means that Oli-TecTM TTIs could help to reduce food waste by alerting consumers to the goods’ condition as it deteriorates.

The Innovate UK-funded project improved upon existing Oli-TecTM TTI technology and proof-of-principle concepts provided by Intray. Using the state-of-the-art formulation facility at NETPark, in Sedgefield, County Durham, CPI developed a model for the timing mechanisms of the Oli-TecTM TTI label. This was then used to develop designs with varied timings for the labelling of different perishable goods. Intray has also used the model to generate and evaluate prototype labels in market trials ahead of a planned launch in 2020.

The 18-month project has helped Intray arrive at a point where they have a preliminary prototype label. This is capable of being tailored for use on produce in food, pharma and other sectors with further development.

Paul Dooling, Principal Scientist and technical lead for the project at CPI, said: “We are excited to have worked with Intray and Mexar to develop the next generation of food safety labels, supporting the development of the wet media and timing mechanism, and ultimately, contributing to help society to reduce unnecessary food waste.”