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PrecisionLife and Metrodora Institute Partner To Accelerate the Diagnosis and Treatment of Long COVID, ME/CFS, and Other Chronic Conditions

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PrecisionLife, and Metrodora Institute are co-investing in a first-of-its-kind partnership to jumpstart the diagnosis and treatment options for a range of complex, chronic diseases including Long COVID, ME/CFS, ALS, Sjögren's syndrome, and many more. The partners will first develop and validate genotypic diagnostics that provide clinicians with an accurate view of a patient’s risk of disease; then, using the molecular profile of their underlying disease mechanisms, report back effective prescribing decisions and drug discovery opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

The partnership builds on PrecisionLife’s unique insights into the mechanisms driving over 50 complex diseases and Metrodora’s deep clinical and research expertise to address a broad range of chronic, complex conditions, offering hope to communities of patients who have been underserved until now. The first products developed will be in Long COVID and ME/CFS building on PrecisionLife’s groundbreaking studies¹,².

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"We’ve gone far too long without providing clinicians and patients with an informative readout of the biological drivers associated with these conditions. Moving with unprecedented speed and scale, we will work to rapidly establish this new class of genotypic diagnostic tools paired with targeted clinical trials at Metrodora," said Rohit Gupta, Metrodora’s Chief Scientific Officer.

The collaboration will extend to the identification and clinical validation of safe and effective drug repurposing candidates associated with disease modifying mechanisms and accelerate the approval of effective new personalized treatments for patients.

"In Metrodora we have a partner that is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of some of the most challenging and intractable diseases," said Steve Gardner, PrecisionLife's CEO. "With our combined disease insights, patient support and clinical expertise, we're building a powerful engine that will transform the rate at which both new diagnostics and effective therapies can be clinically validated and provided to patient communities that are massively underserved – improving health for millions of people."

"PrecisionLife's unrivaled understanding of the mechanistic causes of disease enables us to better diagnose individual patients and specify which therapies are most likely to be effective in treating them," added John Wirthlin, CEO of Metrodora Institute. "Working together we're committed to reimagining treatment for patients with complex neuroimmune axis disorders."