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Proteintech Accelerates Knockdown Validation Initiative

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Proteintech Group, the benchmark in antibodies, has announced the rapid expansion of its siRNA validation program to have their entire portfolio verified by this advanced technique over the next several years. The original antibody manufacturer, which makes each one of their more than 12,000 products in-house from start to finish, became the first company to implement the knockdown method starting in 2014. The higher standard of testing is being done to protect researchers in an antibody market laden with problems stemming from reliability and will not result in price increases.

While there are many high-quality antibodies on the market, they are often hidden amongst ones that disrupt and delay science. Weeding out the rubbish wastes valuable time and grant money. As the company continues to lead the antibody revolution, Proteintech is also announcing an extension to its Antibody Exchange Program, which allows a scientist to swap any competitor’s failed antibody for the equivalent from the Proteintech catalogue at no charge. The initiative will now continue in the U.S. until June 30, 2016. 

"Antibodies are such a vital part of research, and antibody companies must meet their obligations to be transparent and offer the best quality products," said Jason Li, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Proteintech. “We are taking these next steps with confidence that our antibodies will work correctly and challenge the rest of industry to meet us in the efforts to improve scientific reproducibility.”

Proteintech will add the technical specifications and validation details, including siRNA results, as the program progresses. For inquiries on the timeline for a specific antibody, researchers can contact Customer Support directly. 

The Antibody Exchange Program is open to both new and existing customers, even those who have previously participated in the exchange.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the further information link below.