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Revvity Signals Software’s New Synergy Solution Redefines Collaboration Between Pharma and Contract Partners

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Today, Revvity, Inc. (NYSE: RVTY) announced that its software and informatics division, Revvity Signals, will launch Signals SynergyTM , a software solution designed to drive greater collaboration, project management, and data exchange between pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors with their external contract partners.

Addressing the challenge of relying on email or file-sharing platforms to report complex scientific findings, Signals Synergy expands its Signals Notebook and Signals Research Suite offerings to serve as a data steward and project management layer between sponsors and contract partners. These capabilities enable Signals Synergy to streamline processes, enhance sustainability, and reduce the errors and delays commonly associated with conventional systems.

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Kevin Willoe, SVP and general manager of Revvity Signals Software, emphasized the transformative potential of Signals Synergy: "We understand the importance of collaboration and data integrity for our pharma and biotech customers as they work with global contract partners to conduct complex experiments and communicate results. We see Signals Synergy as a driver of digital innovation, merging scientific project management with efficient data sharing into one seamless platform. With Signals Synergy, Revvity Signals is proud to offer the most comprehensive solution on the market, poised to accelerate the pace of drug innovation like never before."

Revvity Signals Software will officially introduce Signals Synergy at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, April 15-17, in Boston, Massachusetts.