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Russian Institutes Invest in BioChromato Smart Evaporators

Russian Institutes Invest in BioChromato Smart Evaporators  content piece image
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BioChromato reports that it has installed more than 10 Smart Evaporator systems across the Russian Hygiene and Epidemiology Centers (HEC) network of institutes as part of a national program of acquiring leading edge analytical and sample preparation equipment.

This major investment by the Hygiene and Epidemiology Centers was to enable them to improve the well-being of the population by monitoring food safety and environmental (atmospheric air, soil and drinking water) factors which can influence a human being or future generations' level of health.

Chikako Yokosawa, Export Sales Manager at BioChromato said "One of applications where our C10, K4 and C1 Smart Evaporators are being used as a sample preparation tool is the analysis of antibiotics, mycotoxins, pesticides in food by GC/MS and LC/MS. According to standard methods used by the HEC - all samples should be evaporated to dryness before being redissolved in a solvent suitable for GC/MS or LC/MS analysis. Using the BioChromato Smart Evaporator C10 for this application has allowed the HEC to improve productivity significantly by simultaneously concentrating or evaporating to dryness 10 samples in autosampler vials without fear of solvent bumping and cross-contamination. Beneficially the running costs of Smart evaporators are also much lower than using Nitrogen blowdown evaporators as they do not require nitrogen gas to evaporate solvents”.

Ms Yokosawa added " Due to unique concentration principle behind the Smart Evaporator C10 - it has also benefited HEC applications where high boiling solvents have to be evaporated. Our Vacuum Vortex Concentration (VVC) methodology enables users to remove even higher boiling solvents including water, DMSO and DMF quickly and safely".