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Scale Biosciences and Basepair to Democratize Single Cell Sequencing Data Analysis

Cell culture.
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Scale Biosciences, announced a new collaboration with Basepair to provide point and click bioinformatic analysis of single-cell data produced with its patented and disruptive combinatorial indexing technology. As a result of this collaboration, scientists will be able to access Scale Biosciences’ optimized bioinformatics pipeline through a user-friendly, web-based, graphical user interface (GUI), enabling their organizations to quickly adopt new single-cell protocols, regardless of their in-house bioinformatics capabilities.

The initial deployment of the ScaleBio Seq Suite on the Basepair platform will allow researchers to upload both fastq and BCL files and use an intuitive GUI to quickly analyze their data and generate reports for individual samples and entire libraries. These include reports to help researchers assess their data quality and produce a cell-gene matrix compatible with open-source standard single-cell analysis workflows like Seurat and Scanpy. The collaboration will also make it easier for customers to adopt Scale Biosciences technology without investing in additional IT and bioinformatics infrastructure by providing a secure way to upload and store data in the cloud.

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“Challenges related to analysis and interpretation of sequencing data are still one of the most common bottlenecks that researchers face when adopting new next-generation sequencing applications, especially those that create large amounts of data,” said Giovanna Prout, CEO of Scale Biosciences. “We want the scientific community to have access to bioinformatics options that fit their budget and help answer their research questions. Through our relationship with Basepair, we are making it easier for organizations with limited resources to quickly and cost effectively go from sample to interpretable data.”


"At its core, Basepair enables tools manufacturers like Scale Biosciences to better support research scientists with any computational background,” said Amit Sinha, PhD, Founder of Basepair. “With our groundbreaking federated approach to analysis, we look forward to helping Scale Biosciences’ customers better understand their data and accelerate their research without it ever needing to leave their direct control.”