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Sigma® Life Science collection of Prestige Antibodies® exceeds 10,000

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As the industry’s most highly validated antibodies, each Prestige Antibody is supported by over 700 immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and Western blot images, with complete data for each product publicly available through the Human Protein Atlas. The continued expansion of this collection is part of the Swedish Human Proteome Resource (HPR) program to develop at least one antibody to all non-redundant human proteins by 2015. “A milestone in the Human Protein Atlas project has now been reached with the inclusion of more than 10,000 human protein-coding genes,” commented Professor Mathias Uhlén of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. “With this new version of the Human Protein Atlas, we have moved towards a knowledge¬based portal, with gene-centric expression profiles based on the annotation of several antibodies towards the same target.”

Becki Davis, Product Manager for Antibodies at Sigma Life Science, added: “The addition of these new Prestige Antibodies continues to expand Sigma’s antibody portfolio, providing researchers with reliable antibody products for more protein targets and more applications.” Sigma Life Science’s complete collection of over 40,000 world-class antibodies, including the Prestige Antibody portfolio, are included in the Company’s new searchable Antibody Explorer database, helping scientists to find the right product for their needs and accelerating our fundamental understanding of biology.

The entire portfolio is available at www.wherebiobegins.com as part of an exclusive partnership with Atlas Antibodies AB.