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Sustainable Life Science Products for a Greener Lab

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A recent blog post from AMSBIO introduces a selection of the ‘green products’ it offers to life science researchers looking to maintain rigorous scientific standards in their lab whilst also trying to minimize environmental impact.

Laboratories are known to consume a significant amount of energy and produce a considerable amount of waste. However, with the increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability, many life sciences labs are taking steps towards prioritizing sustainable products and practices.

AMSBIO offers a growing range of products including collagenase, exosome standards, recombinant proteins and RNA isolation kits that come in a lyophilized or freeze-dried format. This means they do not need to be transported at low temperatures removing the need for dry ice. These products also reduce the need for low temperature storage thereby also lowering your electricity consumption.

To support reduced use of products that use animal-derived components – AMSBIO’s cell culture media, extracellular matrices, chondroitinase and collagenase product ranges provide you with animal-free options.

In addition, AMSBIO policy is to ship products in cardboard where possible rather than polystyrene to enable the packaging to be recycled. Grouped under the headings of reduce, reuse, recycle and re-think – the company has also added some helpful non-AMSBIO related suggestions to help improve the sustainability of your lab.