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Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovations at Pittcon 2019 Enable Workflows Across Life Sciences, Applied and Industrial Markets

Thermo Fisher Scientific Innovations at Pittcon 2019 Enable Workflows Across Life Sciences, Applied and Industrial Markets content piece image
Image Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, is introducing innovative products, software and services for customers working in biopharma, food safety, environmental quality and industrial applications during the 2019 Pittcon Conference and Exhibition. The company will showcase analytical workflows that enable fast, precise analyses within Booth #2632 at the Pennsylvania Conference Center, Philadelphia, March 17–21, 2019.

“Across many industries, our customers continue to ask for increased speed, improved accuracy and greater ease of use at every stage of their analytical workflows,” said Dan Shine, senior vice president and president, analytical instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We know how to bring our leading technologies together to help our customers achieve their goals, whether they’re a researcher developing new cancer therapies, a food producer testing for dioxins or a medical device manufacturer performing QA/QC.”

Application-focused, from instruments and columns to entire workflows

Drug Discovery and Manufacturing – The new Thermo Scientific SMART Automation workflow combines a Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Trypsin Kit and a Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime system to create a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based (LC-MS) analytical solution that provides efficient peptide mapping. A new liquid chromatography column provides more reliable separations for researchers and labs doing high-resolution analysis of steroid hormones and drugs of abuse.

Food and Beverage Safety – For testing food and animal feeds, a new dioxin analyzer workflow, which incorporates the Thermo Scientific Triple Quadrupole TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS system, enables detection of dioxins and “dioxin-like” polychlorinated biphenyls at lower levels now required by European Union regulations. For craft brewers, a new solution streamlines quality assurance to improve batch-to-batch consistency. The Thermo Scientific BeerCraft software package is part of a solution that features Thermo Scientific GENESYS 50 and GENESYS 150 UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Environmental Testing – To monitor drinking water accessibility and meet the requirements of U.S. EPA method 557, new Thermo Scientific columns enable rapid separations of contaminants prior to analysis using ion chromatography-mass spectrometry (IC-MS).

Versatile, Multi-Market Instruments – For pharmaceutical, food safety and environmental scientists performing regulatory-compliant volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis, the new Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Gas Chromatography Headspace Autosampler provides a scalable, compact design that is reliable, efficient and capable of handling samples at high-throughput.

QA/QC, Teaching Laboratories – For busy QA/QC and teaching laboratories performing frequent materials characterization, the Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit FTIR, which features new hardware and software, accelerates analysis times and provides real-time feedback on sample quality for an improved user experience.