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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Pipet Filler

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the Thermo Scientific S1 Pipet Filler.

The lightweight, cordless design of the S1 Pipet Filler enables fast and efficient pipetting over longer periods of time with maximum comfort.

The S1 Pipet Filler features a volume range of 1 to 100 ml and a large backlit LCD display with battery-charge and speed-set indicators so users can confirm - at a glance - whether there is enough power to complete the current run.

A lithium-ion battery provides 15 hours of continuous use and recharges in half the time of other commercially available models.

The S1 Pipet Filler includes separate aspiration and dispense speeds with eight different options for precise performance.

Five color options and an identification area make it easy to personalize each pipet filler.

Finally, each S1 Pipet Filler is supplied with a table- and wall-mounted holder, a 1 mL pipet support, a power supply and international power adapters.

For added peace of mind, each S1 Pipet Filler comes with a two-year warranty.