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Two-in-one Chemical Analyzer Enables On-site Virtual Mixture Analysis

Two-in-one Chemical Analyzer Enables On-site Virtual Mixture Analysis content piece image
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Military personnel, bomb technicians, hazmat teams and first responders can now perform virtual mixture analysis in the field with a software update to the Thermo Scientific Gemini handheld analyzer. The update is designed to enable informed and safe decision-making when analyzing chemical substances using the first handheld instrument to integrate FTIR and Raman spectroscopy.

The Gemini analyzer v1.6 software update integrates HazMasterG3, a support system manufactured by Alluviam LLC designed to deliver actionable insights by allowing users to virtually mix chemical substances, interpret the results rapidly, and protect themselves and the public from the effects of dangerous chemical combinations. The analyzer includes an extensive on board library designed to allow users to identify unknown solids and liquids, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, industrial chemicals and precursors. Operators can determine the most likely formulations that could be made with the identified ingredients, as well as estimated quantity and potential reactions. HazMasterG3 can be unlocked and activated with a license key upon downloading the v1.6 software.

“This additional functionality allows chemical response personnel to be proactive in their efforts to quickly determine the next step when they detect and identify illicit material on scene,” said Denzil Vaughn, director of marketing, portable analytical instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We designed the update with safety in mind. Gemini users can now have more information at their fingertips than before with the analyzer as they make rapid, important decisions.”

The rugged and portable Gemini analyzer incorporates FTIR and Raman spectroscopy into one device to facilitate comprehensive and confirmatory chemical identification. The analyzer leverages the strengths of both techniques to allow users to address a broader range of samples than either technique alone. Additionally, the Gemini analyzer includes Scan Assist, which guides the operator through technology selection and sampling, and 24/7 reach back support for spectral analysis and operational inquiries.

Since its debut, the Gemini analyzer has been recognized with several industry innovation honors, including a 2016 Edison Award gold medal; a 2015 R&D 100 award by R&D Magazine; a Bronze Innovation Award at Europoltech in the Supermodern 2015 Programme; a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing All-Star Innovators Award in the “Analytical and Monitoring Devices” category; and “Highly Commended” recognition as part of the ADS Security Innovation Awards 2015 at the Security and Policing Conference in the UK.

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