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Varian Introduces Ion Trap LC/MS to Enhance Sensitivity

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Varian, Inc. has announced the company has broadened its mass spectrometry product offering with the introduction of the Varian 500-MS LC Ion Trap, a liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer.

Varian 500-MS LC Ion Trap has designed with technology advancements, such as SelecTemp™ and Enhanced Charge Capacity™ (ECC), to enable the optimum analysis of thermally labile compounds, including pharmaceutical products, drug metabolites, pesticides, and herbicides. 

The 500-MS is the latest introduction in the company’s line of information rich detection (IRD) products, complementing a broad range of mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance and molecular spectroscopy instrumentation. 

The 500-MS is designed to offer a complete package solution, including Varian’s MS Workstation software, HPLC instrumentation, and a comprehensive line of HPLC columns. 

Information rich results produced by MS are particularly critical for pharmaceutical, life science, toxicology, and environmental laboratories. 

Environmental scientists use LC/MS/MS to identify, confirm and quantify contaminants in drinking water, waste-water, and soil. 

It can also be used in pharmaceutical applications to determine the presence of drug metabolites in blood and urine, as well as in food and agriculture applications to confirm and quantify pesticide residue and ingredients in food. 

The 500-MS has several technology features that enhance the instrument’s overall sensitivity, including SelecTemp, and ECC. 

SelecTemp features electronic control of the Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API), which delivers optimum drying gas during gradient LC separations by controlling the temperature distribution throughout a complete analytical run. 

SelecTemp also enables easier method set up and development, and automatically records all parameters in data files. 

ECC extends the number of ions that can be simultaneously analyzed, resulting in greater sensitivity and reduced background interferences without compromising qualitative or quantitative results. 

Additionally, the patented unidirectional triple resonance scan function allows for up to 50 times more sensitivity in full-scan mode than other quadrupole mass spectrometers while scanning 10 times faster. 

“The 500-MS provides the features of a high performance research instrument such as high sensitivity, extremely fast scanning, MSn and superb mass resolution obtained from technology that is protected by more than a dozen patents,” said John Mills, Vice President and General Manager of Analytical Instruments, Varian, Inc. 

“In addition to its unparalleled performance features, the 500-MS is a workhorse instrument designed for high sample throughput and ease-of-use and operation.”

“The introduction of our 500-MS is yet another example of Varian’s continuing commitment to technical innovation and product quality in ion trap mass spectrometry,” said Martin O’Donoghue, Vice President of Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. 

“The 500-MS is a direct result of our strategy to expand our information rich detectors product lines and make the instrumentation more accessible and easier to use for our customers.”