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Waters® Corporation Ships Enhanced MassLynx™ Software

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Waters Corporation has announced the shipment of Waters MassLynx 4.1 Software, solution for the company’s line of mass spectrometers.

MassLynx Software has been enhanced and reconfigured to facilitate high-performance quantification and qualitative analysis so that users can process and review results, and generate reports easily.

MassLynx 4.1 Software also includes an administrator toolkit that lets system administrators manage resources from a remote PC.

The toolkit features software to monitor basic sample information and instrument status for all users.

According to Art Coddington, Research Fellow, at Merck West Point, PA, Medicinal Chemistry, "Waters OpenLynx™ Remote Status Monitor increases the ease and speed with which our chemists - spread out over 3 floors with long hallways - can locate the closest Open Access instrument in their areas with the shortest queue."

"We are seeing efficiency gains, which are critical for laboratories such as ours that are challenged by high-productivity requirements," he said.

In addition, the software queues multiple sample runs without disrupting current operations. Security architecture supports a network file server model for data acquisition so that multiple users have access to data and results.

Additional features include - Support to optimize instrument settings for resolution and sensitivity for the Quattro Premier™, Quattro micro™ and ZQ™ mass spectrometers.

Enhancements to instrument control for the LCT Premier™ and Q-Tof
Premier™ mass spectrometers to automate instrument setup and ensure quality exact mass data.

Tighter integration with Waters NuGenesis® SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) 7.0 Software, this allows for the automatic storage of raw mass spectrometry data, processed results and printed information directly into NuGenesis SDMS

MassLynx 4.1 Software upgrades are available for current support plan subscribers. Users will be notified how to order the upgrade.