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Xenomics Presents Transrenal-DNA Technology Platform

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Xenomics, Inc. has announced that it will present its Transrenal-DNA technology platform for the safe, accurate and noninvasive detection and monitoring of a range of diseases and genetic conditions, at the Bio InvestorForum 2005, 10 a.m. October 20, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

CEO Dr. Randy White will provide a corporate overview and highlights of Xenomics' Transrenal-DNA (Tr-DNA) technology which has broad applications for monitoring and/or detection of diseases and conditions including HIV, Tuberculosis, Down syndrome and other fetal genetic abnormalities. His presentation will be webcast simultaneously.

“Xenomics has continued to achieve its research and development milestones as we work toward commercializing our Transrenal-DNA medical diagnostic technology,” said Dr. White.

“Our primary mission is to transform our proprietary Tr-DNA platform technology into a new category of medical urine tests for an expanding range of diagnostic and health-monitoring applications, such as a simple but advanced urine test for pregnant women that effectively, accurately and easily screens for Down syndrome and other fetal genetic abnormalities.”

“Other applications of our Tr-DNA technology in our product development pipeline include urine sample tests for cancer and infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV.”

Among the participants and attendees expected at Bio InvestorForum 2005 are public and private equity investors, research analysts, investment bankers and senior-level industry executives focused on investment trends and business development opportunities in life sciences, according to organizers.

Xenomics' diagnostic technology is based on the noninvasive sampling of DNA material that passes transrenally, or through the kidneys, and is excreted in urine.

The Company is using the technology to develop safe and accurate medical testing products to provide a cost-effective, medically advantageous alternative to diagnostic methods now in use.