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Xenomics to Present DNA Medical Diagnostic Platform at Rodman & Renshaw Healthcare Conference

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Xenomics, Inc. has announced that Dr. L. David Tomei Ph.D., Xenomic's CEO and co-founder, will present an overview of the Company's medical diagnostic technologies and innovative clinical programs at the upcoming the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Global Healthcare Conference.

"We look forward to sharing our latest clinical data and commercialization initiatives with colleagues in the scientific community and investors interested in promising, emerging-growth biotechnology opportunities," said Dr. Tomei.

Xenomic's proprietary Transrenal-DNA (Tr-DNA) medical diagnostic testing technology utilizes urine samples, rather than invasive blood or other samples, and thus could foster fundamental improvements in safety, accuracy and functionality of diagnostic testing in the field of molecular diagnostics, currently a $1.5 billion segment of the healthcare industry.

The Company recently announced that its research scientists had identified DNA sequences of the H. pylori bacteria in the urine of infected patients.

"This demonstrates the applicability of our non-invasive DNA-based urine test with bacterial pathogens and infectious diseases," commented Dr. Tomei. H. pylori bacteria causes 80% to 90% of duodenal and gastric ulcers.

The Rodman & Renshaw Healthcare Conference, to be attended by investors, venture capitalists, company executives, scientists and others, is scheduled for May 15-16 at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Xenomics intends to use its Tr-DNA platform to develop and commercialize a generation of completely safe and non-invasive medical testing DNA for the detection and/or monitoring of infectious diseases, including AIDS and tuberculosis, and for prenatal genetic testing, including gender determination, Down syndrome and other genetic disorders.

"Xenomics' proprietary technology platform has consistently demonstrated the potential to detect highly specific genetic markers from anything within the body possessing genetic information that is foreign," said Dr. Tomei.

"We're greatly encouraged that this medical testing platform could have a major transformative impact on the enormous diagnostic healthcare marketplace."

The 3rd Annual Rodman & Renshaw Healthcare Conference will also include presentations by an estimated 150 additional emerging-growth companies.