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GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein for T, NK, and DC Cell Culture

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein for T, NK, and DC Cell Culture

4-1BB Ligand (4-1BBL) is an immune stimulatory molecule that interacts with 4-1BB receptor during antigen presentation, exerting a pleiotropic influence on the immune system. Its in vitro functions include the following:

1. T cell activation and proliferation

Conventionally, the first and second stimulation signals in vitro, simulating the process in vivo, are achieved using anti-CD3 antibody, anti-CD28 antibody, or CD3/CD28 magnetic beads, along with the addition of relevant growth factors to activate T cells. During this process, the CD28-mediated co-stimulatory signal plays a central role. Multiple studies have now demonstrated that 4-1BBL can independently provide co-stimulatory signals to induce T cell proliferation, separate from CD28 molecule signaling.

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2. Enhance NK cell proliferation and cytotoxicity

Studies have shown a significant enhancement of NK cell proliferation and cytotoxicity with 4-1BBL, which triggers 4-1BB signaling to stimulate NK cell proliferation and IFN-γ secretion. 4-1BBL is often co-administered with other cytokines to enhance the activation of NK cells.

3. Augment DC antigen presentation

DCs stimulated by 4-1BBL express higher levels of immune co-stimulatory molecules (such as CD80, CD83, HLA-DR) compared to DCs stimulated by TNF-a, indicating that 4-1BBL-stimulated DCs possess stronger antigen presentation ability and the capacity to initiate specific T cell and B cell immune responses.

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