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How To Improve the Reproducibility of Your Flow Chemistry

How To Improve the Reproducibility of Your Flow Chemistry

To enhance the reproducibility of flow chemistry scale-up - precise control of mixing and temperature in highly exothermic or rapid reactions in particular is essential. The expanding range of Glass Static Mixer (GSM) chip reactor blocks from Uniqsis produce an efficient, turbulent mixed reagent stream for flow chemistry reactions that is not diffusion dependent.

Product Specifications
Product Detailing Efficient 'chicane' mixing geometry extends the full length of the reactor/mixer
Sizes Available in 270uL, 1.0ml, 1.6ml, 10ml and 20ml channel sizes
About Uniqsis
Uniqsis is committed to developing innovative flow chemistry products for customers in both the research and biopharmaceutical sector. This commitment is exemplified by the FlowSyn range of fully integrated flow reactors, designed and manufactured by Uniqsis, and now the research tool of choice for many research chemists across the world.
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