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TruCulture® - Standardized Functional Immunophenotyping

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TruCulture® - Standardized Functional Immunophenotyping

TruCulture whole blood collection and stimulation system has revolutionized immune monitoring, especially for pharmacodynamic Phase 1 clinical trials. TruCulture tubes are pre-loaded with proprietary cell culture media and immune stimulant(s) or drug candidates. At the clinical site, blood is drawn directly from a subject into the tube for an instant initiation of the ex vivo stimulation. After incubation in a dry heat block, cells are simply separated from the culture supernatant with a valve separator.

TruCulture tubes offer the following benefits and downstream analysis:

  • Numerous Stimulants— Investigate immune responses to bacterial, viral, T cell cytokine activators with or without drug candidate
  • Reduce Variability—eliminates sample processing & delay prior to culturing
  • Reproducible — easy to use, integrated, closed sterile system
  • Use Anywhere—only requires a 37° heat block and phlebotomist
  • Biomarker Analysis— determine functional immune cell activity with Myriad RBM’s OptiMAP panel, designed to measure key secreted proteins from TruCulture supernatants
  • Vaccine Development— antigen recall analysis and profile immune status of patients
  • Flow Cytometry— protocol available for surface marker expression of cell populations
  • Gene Expression— RNA extraction protocols available
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