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Biognosys invents and provides patented proteomics solutions at the quality, scale and speed required to transform research and development, clinical trials and clinical decision making.

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Protein structure.
Industry Insight

Expanding the Drug Target Universe: How Next-Generation Proteomics Is Transforming Oncology Research

Cutting-edge mass spectrometry proteomics technologies are accelerating the discovery and validation of novel targets in cancer, opening up new avenues for next-generation cancer therapeutics.
Cancer patient with a line in her arm talking to a medic with a stethoscope around her neck.
Industry Insight

Next-Generation Proteomics Solutions Set To Accelerate Targeted Therapies

Hear how the capabilities of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics are proving themselves in drug development and discovery and what this means for those working in oncology.
Cancer Drugs

How To Accelerate and De-Risk Drug Development in Oncology

Although there are initiatives to de-risk the drug development process, continually applying the same tools and approaches is unlikely to lead to innovative, first- or best-in-class targets and transformative progress.
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Product News

Bruker Launches timsTOF Ultra Mass Spectrometer with Transformative Sensitivity, 300 Hz PASEF MS/MS, and VistaScan™ for Enhanced dia-PASEF® 4D-Proteomics™

timsTOF Ultra Further Advances Quantitative Spatial and Single-cell 4D-Proteomics and 4D-Lipidomics™, Immunopeptidomics, PTM and Protein-Protein Interactions Analysis - with Speed and Robustness.
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Industry Insight

A Decade of DIA and Key Milestones: The 10-Year Anniversary of SWATH DIA

The 10-year anniversary of SWATH DIA signifies a period of immense growth that is only expected to continue to evolve, influencing a wide range of fields. This article explores key milestones for SWATH DIA since its development.
What Do Advances in Structural Proteomics Mean for Drug Development? content piece image
Industry Insight

What Do Advances in Structural Proteomics Mean for Drug Development?

This article will cover innovations in structural proteomics, a new way to identify drug targets across the proteome, a new method to dissect drug–protein interactions and the future of structure-based drug design.
Fundamentals and Advances in Mass Spectrometry Proteomics content piece image

Fundamentals and Advances in Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

For this, we need to look at the ultimate output of the genome: the proteome. After many years in the shadow of genomics, proteomics is now ready to step into the spotlight.
Product News

Biognosys and Bruker Form Partnership for Advanced Proteomics CRO Services

Bruker Corporation and Switzerland-based Biognosys AG have announced a strategic partnership in which Bruker has made a majority-ownership investment in Biognosys.
Time for Proteomics To Shine content piece image
Industry Insight

Time for Proteomics To Shine

Technology Networks had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Oliver Rinner, CEO at Biognosys, to learn more about some of the recent developments in proteomics, and discuss what the future could hold for the field.