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Bruker Daltonics is enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Their high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels.

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Blue and red lipid bilayer.

Bringing the Benefits of 4D-Lipidomics Research to the Clinic

The capabilities of trapped ion mobility spectrometry combined with automated data annotation software are driving new developments in lipid analysis. This article discusses how such advances are bringing the technology to more mainstream use, setting the foundations for future clinical research.

Enhanced Hit Quality in High-Throughput Protein–Ligand Interaction Screening

Using data from a recent study, our expert speaker will demonstrate how the new readout platform improves ligand hit quality, and how TIMS offers potential for an expanded scope of AS-MS assays.

Information-Rich Drug Discovery Enabled by Next-Generation Multiplexing SPR

In this webinar, you’ll discover how SPR can be multiplexed and automated to enable high-throughput, data-rich drug candidate screening against multiple target proteins.
1.2 GHz NMR Installation.
Product News

Bruker Announces First 1.2 GHz NMR Installation in the United States

Novel GHz-class NMR systems are enabling unprecedented life science and materials research in functional structural biology, drug discovery, metabolomics and cleantech

High-Throughput Plasma Profiling for Enhanced Biomarker Discovery

Meaningful biomarker studies that account for genetic, environmental and lifestyle variation, or comprise of complex signatures from multiple proteins, require large cohorts – too large for the current proteomics discovery platforms.
Ball and stick model of a protein.

TIMS: A New Dimension in Protein Analysis

This article explores application areas that are showing the most potential for this technology and illustrates how ML approaches are being applied to maximize its value.
Peptide protein
App Note / Case Study

High Sensitivity Immunopeptidomics Using Mass Spectrometry

This application note demonstrates how timsTOF and single-cell proteomics (SCP) approaches can be combined to create a robust and sensitive immunopeptidomics workflow.
Small molecule closeup
Industry Insight

Confident Metabolite Identification for Meaningful Results in Multiomics Analyses

In this interview, Technology Networks spoke to Heiko Neuweger, director of Bioinformatics Life Science Mass Spectrometry Software R&D at Bruker, to learn about the importance of target compound annotation and identification, the advantages of integrating collision cross section (CCS) information into workflows and the benefits of CCS-Predict Pro.
Scientist with liquid sample
App Note / Case Study

Real-Time Quality Control Software for Metabolic Phenotyping

QC can be performed after data acquisition, but unexpected deviations can waste valuable time and resources. Instead, real-time QC allows for active monitoring of data quality as the analysis is being performed, preventing errors that can compromise the analysis.
Tumor Microenvironment

Analyzing Tumor Heterogeneity With Mass Spectrometry and Spatial Biology

This poster highlights the latest spatial biology solutions for GBM tissue analysis, offering critical insights into the metabolic signatures and immune cell infiltration of this tissue type.