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Merck is a science and technology company operating across healthcare, life science and performance materials. Their tools, services and digital platform make research simpler and more exact, helping to deliver breakthroughs more quickly.

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Close up of lab worker working with in vitro diagnostic equipment and pipette

Proactive Solutions for Risk Mitigation in IVD Manufacturing

This whitepaper explores the need for transparency between suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring the integrity of their products and maintaining trust among consumers and regulatory authorities alike.
Female scientist using a tablet to check lab inventory.

Break Bottlenecks in the Lab With Digitalized Lab Management Systems

One key bottleneck in a laboratory setting is the amount of time wasted by researchers on inventory management. Explore how digitalization could help to overcome this.
Various tablets.
Product News

Pistoia Alliance launches freely available IDMP Ontology 1.0, covering all five standards set by ISO

Ontology will improve substance identification, cross-border prescriptions, regulatory process integration with manufacturers, supply-chain analytics, and pharmacovigilance.

Discover Custom Antibody and Immunoassay Development Solutions

This whitepaper explores the key steps in the antibody development process and highlights how partnership with an expert manufacturing service provider can help to simplify and expedite your workflow.
Anolye K for Coulometry

Precise Water Determination in Petrochemicals with Aquastar® Karl Fischer Reagents & Standards

Accurate measurement of water content in petrochemicals is crucial. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality coulometric Karl Fischer reagents and standards which are commonly used in the petrochemical industry to determine precisely low limits of water contents.
A painting of elephants in a forest.

Ancient Europe May Not Have Been One Dense Forest After All

For decades, we believed that outside ice ages Europe was mostly covered by dense forest before the arrival of modern humans. Now, a new study shows that there was far more open and semi-open vegetation than conventionally expected.
Laboratory of the Future 2024
Online Event

Laboratory of the Future 2024

Advances in automation, digitization and data modeling are changing how labs are built and run from the ground up. Hear about the technologies helping to drive digital transformation and laboratory efficiencies.
Gloves holding a pipette with drug molecules overlayed.
Product News

Pistoia Alliance Enables Instant, Secure Transfer of Analytical Methods and Results Data Ahead of FDA Guidance

Successful proof of concept at GSK employs data transfer via cloud to facilitate secure and efficient collaboration across companies, labs and time zones.
RNA molecule.
Industry Insight

Quality Control for RNA Therapeutics: Meeting a Growing Need

New applications for RNA therapeutics are continuously emerging. In this burgeoning space, nucleic acid quantification can help this dynamic therapeutic modality reach its full potential.
A pseudo-colored scanning electron micrograph of a cancer cell being attacked by two cytotoxic T cells.

Adding mRNA Vaccine to Melanoma Immunotherapy Boosts Effectiveness

A new clinical trial – the results of which are due to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research – has shown that adding an mRNA vaccine to immunotherapy for melanoma boosts effectiveness.