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PacBio's mission is to enable the potential of genomics to improve human health by creating the world’s most advanced sequencing systems to provide the most complete and accurate view of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes.

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Starfish under fluorescent imaging.

Star Fish May Be All Head No Body

For centuries, naturalists have puzzled over what might constitute the head of a sea star, commonly called a “starfish.” Researchers have published a study finding that the truth is closer to the absolute reverse.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Announces Complete Computational Workflow for Human Whole Genome Sequencing Data Analysis

PacBio WGS variant pipeline will bring standardization to PacBio HiFi data analysis.
An individual holding a Eppendorf tube with paper reading DNA bases in the background.
Product News

Children’s Mercy Kansas City First To Use 5-Base HiFi Genomic Sequencing in the Clinical Setting

Children’s Mercy Kansas City, announced it is the first health care system to use 5-base HiFi sequencing, in the clinical setting to accelerate diagnoses for even more patients and families.
3 strands of DNA.
Industry Insight

Partnerships Provide Automated Library Preparation Solutions

We spoke to Amit Patel, product marketing director at PacBio, to learn more about PacBio Compatible, the new collaborations and what benefits they will bring to customers.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

PacBio and GeneDx Launch Research Collaboration To Study Long-Read Whole Genome Sequencing

Study is first of its kind to compare diagnostic rates across short- and long-read sequencing platforms.
Several tiles with varying letters on them to represent the genomic bases of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Begins Commercialization of the Onso Short-Read Sequencing System

The Onso Platform Delivers Extraordinary Accuracy Which Creates New Possibilities for Research and Translational Sequencing Applications.
PacBio Revio
Product News

Eremid® Genomic Services Expands Long-Read HiFi Sequencing Capabilities With PacBio Revio

Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC (“Eremid”) announces a significant expansion of its in-house sequencing capabilities with the installation of PacBio’s latest HiFi sequencing platform, the Revio.
PacBio logo.
Product News

PacBio’s Revio System Empowers Bioscientia to Scale Long-Read Whole Genome Sequencing and Unravel the Mysteries of Rare Disease

Bioscientia acquires multiple Revio sequencing systems to revolutionize rare disease research by sequencing thousands of long-read human genomes annually.
A tree in a field.

Older Trees Contribute to Genetic Diversity More Than Short-Lived Trees

A study demonstrated that long-lived tropical trees accumulate more somatic mutations, providing insights into potential mechanisms underlying genetic variation.
Field of wheat.

Precision Breeding Act: How New Legislation and Genomic Technology Will Sustainably Feed Our World

In this opinion piece, Neil Ward discusses how the passing of the Genetic Technology "Precision Breeding" Bill could support global efforts to increase food production sustainably.