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Air Analysis – News and Features

Soil held in cupped hands.

Monitor Soil to Better Respond to Wildfires, Say Researchers

Broader surveillance and modeling of wildfire-driven changes to soil could inform strategies for protecting wildlife and natural resources.
A forest fire.

New Wildfire Smoke Model Can Spot Areas for Public Health Intervention

A new model that combines wildfire smoke forecasts and data from ground-based sensors may help public health officials plan targeted interventions in areas most at risk for the negative health effects of unexpected smoke events.
A woman using weights in a gym.

Analyzing Gym Air Quality During Intense Workouts

A recent study led by Prof. SUN Yele from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences investigated the air quality in a basement gym.
An X-ray of an individuals lungs.

Modeling the Journey of Inhaled Plastic Particles With Every Breath

With recent studies having established the presence of nano and microplastic particles in the respiratory system, a new study has modelled what happens when people breathe in different kinds of plastic particles and where they end up.
A person in pink gloves holds a spay bottle of cleaner.

Activity in a Room Stirs Up Nanoparticles Left by Consumer Sprays

Common household products containing nanoparticles could be contributing to a new form of indoor air pollution, as activity in a room stirs up the nanoparticles and projects them into the breathing zone.
A pair of clasped, wrinkled hands in a person's lap.

Older Adults in Ohio Among Most Vulnerable to Extreme Weather

Nearly 1 in 5 older adults in central Ohio report not being prepared for emergencies, such as extreme weather events, making them among the most vulnerable.
A fly on a leaf.

Ozone Can Confuse Flies, Causing Them To Mate With Other Species

A recent study shows how high ozone levels can destroy the sex pheromones of fruit fly species, changing the natural mating boundaries and causing flies of different species to mate.
Someone having a brain scan.

Aging-Related Risk Factors for Dementia Revealed in Study

Researchers have used data from UK Biobank participants to reveal that diabetes, traffic-related air pollution and alcohol intake are the most harmful out of 15 modifiable risk factors for dementia.
A forest canopy below a blue sky.

Forests Can Trap Airborne Plastics

A research group has found that airborne microplastics adsorb to the epicuticular wax on the surface of forest canopy leaves and that forests may act as terrestrial sinks for airborne microplastics.
Schematics of the process: from waste to self-cleaning paint.

Self-Cleaning Wall Paint Breaks Down Air Pollutants When Exposed to Sunlight

A breakthrough in catalysis research leads to a new wall paint that cleans itself when exposed to sunlight and chemically breaks down air pollutants.