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Battery Science – News and Features

This lithium-ion battery has entirely stretchable components and stable charging and discharging capacity over time.

Completely Stretchy Lithium-Ion Battery for Flexible Electronics

When you think of a battery, you probably don’t think stretchy. But batteries will need this shape-shifting quality to be incorporated into flexible electronics.
Someone holding a row of batteries.

Making Rechargeable Batteries More Sustainable With Fully Recyclable Components

Researchers reconfigured the design of solid-state lithium batteries so that of all their components can be easily recycled. They tested their innovation using coin cell batteries.
A battery being put together.

Prussian Blue Dye Unlocks Affordable, Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries

Prussian blue (PB) has been recognized as an emerging material for next-generation batteries. A team of researchers has made a significant breakthrough in the development of low-cost, high-performance lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) using PB.
An electric car charging.

Single-Crystal Cathodes Could Significantly Extend the Lifespan of Electric Vehicles

Researchers have demonstrated a single-crystal synthesis technology that significantly extends the lifespan of cathode materials for electric vehicles.
Two side-by-side microscope images of a solid state battery.

New Analysis Technique Reveals How Solid-State Batteries Degrade

A new method has been developed for precisely monitoring electrochemical reactions during the operation of a solid-state battery, revealing how the batteries degrade.
An electric car, plugged in to charge.

New Electrolyte Design Could Significantly Boost Range of Electric Vehicles

Researchers have radically reduced the amount of environmentally harmful fluorine required to stabilize lithium metal batteries, bringing the next generation of high-energy batteries one step closer.
A black and gold battery stands on one end.

Researchers Develop World’s First Anode-Free Sodium Solid-State Battery

This research has brought inexpensive, fast-charging, high-capacity batteries for electric vehicles and grid storage closer than ever.
A lab worker.

New Spectromicroscopy Method Paves Way for Better Study of Energy Materials

A new method in spectromicroscopy significantly improves the study of chemical reactions at the nanoscale, both on surfaces and inside layered materials.
An outline of a battery lit up.

Researchers Solve Mysterious Performance Decline in Promising Cathode Material

Scientists have discovered the culprit behind the performance fade in nickel-rich cathodes for lithium-ion batteries. The team’s new analysis method was key to the discovery.
Graphical representation of a green battery on a black background surrounded by green lines.

Moving Toward Clean Energy Solutions With Battery Technology

This article will discuss the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead in battery technology, and how working together with other industry experts can carve a path forward in creating sustainable battery solutions.