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Battery Science – News and Features

A graph comparing battery types.

Template for Success: Shaping Hard Carbon Electrodes for Next-Generation Batteries

Although Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) deliver the best performance in many aspects when compared to other rechargeable batteries, they have their fair share of disadvantages.
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Scientists Study Soap To Develop Longer Lasting Batteries

Researchers found that one of the most promising electrolytes for designing longer lasting lithium batteries has complex nanostructures that act like micelle structures do in soaped water.
A collection of batteries with coloured lines connecting them.

What Is the Battery of the Future Made Of?

The Empa research group is researching innovative materials for the batteries of tomorrow. Whether it's fast-charging electric cars or low-cost stationary storage, there's a promising material or a novel manufacturing process for every application.
A machine dispenses liquid into test tubes.

Researchers Develop Autonomous Electrochemistry Robot

Researchers have developed an automated laboratory robot to run complex electrochemical experiments and analyze data, reducing the effort and time needed for electrochemical studies.
Red and yellow spheres in a lattice.

Researchers Create Breakthrough New Solid-State Electrolyte

Researchers have announced a breakthrough in the field of next-generation solid-state batteries. Their findings may enable the creation of solid-state electrolyte batteries.
Strands of light pass around the positive ends of batteries.

Explore the World of Battery Research With Kieran O'Regan

Kieran O'Regan, COO and co-founder of About:Energy, works to bridge the gap between universities and industry and accelerate the development of new battery technologies. Technology Networks invited Kieran O'Regan to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about this incredible technology.
Futuristic battery.

Achieving Coating Uniformity in Battery Electrode Production

In-line metrology systems can help to ensure the consistency and quality of battery electrodes, and this article discusses how this technology can contribute to the manufacture of quality lithium-ion batteries.
Batteries stood on one end.

A Step on the Way to Solid-State Batteries

A lithium ceramic could act as a solid electrolyte in a more powerful and cost-efficient generation of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, reports new research.
A graph comparing energy density with the periodic table behind it.

New Battery Chemistry Could Reduce Reliance on Cobalt

For the first time, a team presents a viable alternative to cobalt which in some ways can outperform state-of-the-art battery chemistry. It also survives a large number of recharge cycles, and the underlying theory can be applied to other problems.
A person removes a spent battery from a car.

New Recipe for Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Battery Recycling

A new, efficient method enables 100% of the aluminum and 98% of the lithium from spent car batteries to be recovered and recycled while minimizing the loss of valuable raw materials.