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Biomarkers – Multimedia

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Overcome the Challenges of Multiplex Immunoassays

This eBook delves into the significance of protein biomarkers and the advancements in immunoassay techniques, from traditional ELISA to cutting-edge multiplex immunoassays.
App Note / Case Study

Optimizing RNA Sequencing of FFPE Samples

This application note evaluates several commercially available rRNA depletion kits, providing an optimized protocol for the efficient removal of rRNA from FFPE samples.
Metabolomics Infographic

Navigate Your Way to Precise and Scalable Untargeted Metabolomics

This infographic explores a cutting-edge technology that overcomes these challenges and access previously unreachable metabolomic information. Built on top of a first-of-its-kind Large Spectral Model (LSM), this revolutionary platform allows researchers to achieve untargeted absolute quantitative metabolomic results directly from raw spectra.
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Current and Emerging Applications of ELISAs

Download this listicle to explore the uses of ELISAs in clinical diagnostics and epidemiology, biopharmaceutical and vaccine development, food safety analysis, environmental analysis and forensics.
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Reveal the Power of the 6-Base Genome for Transformative Insights Into Current and Future States of Disease

In this episode we speak with Tom Charlesworth and discuss how the 6-base genome can improve the understanding tumour biology from liquid biopsy.
What truly matters in cfDNA sample quality analysis

What truly matters in cfDNA sample quality analysis

Learn what truly matters in cfDNA quality analysis. The Agilent Cell-free ScreenTape assay for the Agilent TapeStation systems uses the %cfDNA score to characterize HMW contamination and provides the actual cfDNA concentration.
Total FFPE Prep

Get More Out of Your Paired Sequencing

This infographic showcases a new combined, single-tube prep workflow that simultaneously generates DNA and RNA libraries from a single input formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sample.
Cell-Free DNA
App Note / Case Study

Detecting Contaminants in Cell-Free DNA for Better Biomarker Discovery

This application note presents the latest electrophoretic solutions for a more rapid assessment of cfDNA samples and optimal biomarker discovery.
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Four Top Trends in Personalized Medicine

By taking a multidisciplinary approach that integrates engineering, electronics and nanotechnology with state-of-the-art chemistry and molecular diagnostics tools, we are entering a new phase of personalized medicine. Download this listicle to learn more about the four top trends in personalized medicine.
Cancer Cell Target
App Note / Case Study

Discover the Future of Cancer Research With Whole-Genome Sequencing

To accelerate the discovery of new cancer biomarkers and new insights into the genetics of treatment-resistant tumors, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the genomic and epigenomic variations in cancer.