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Biomarkers – News and Features

Neurons sending a signal to neighbouring neurons

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Emerges as Potential Treatment for Infections

Researchers have found that stimulation of the vagus nerve triggers activation of the spleen, thereby regulating antibody production. These findings highlight the potential of vagus nerve modulation in treating diseases, like lupus and sepsis.
A purple human brain.

New Biomarkers Could Help Diagnosis of Schizophrenia in Rare Genetic Disorder

A recent study led by UC Davis Health researchers provides new insights into the molecular changes linked to the rare genetic condition 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, or 22q.
An angry man's face.

Anger Episodes Impair Blood Vessel Function

Brief episodes of anger impaired blood vessel functioning, which has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, finds new study in Journal of the American Heart Association.
Cancer cells.

Biomarkers Linked to Cell Therapy Response for Bone Marrow Tumors Identified

In a recent clinical study, researchers identified several biomarkers that are associated with the response to CAR T cell therapy in multiple myeloma, a malignant tumour disease in the bone marrow.
Fruit and vegetables.

Healthy, Balanced Diet Linked to Superior Brain Health

New research has highlighted the profound link between dietary choices and brain health. The research showed that a healthy, balanced diet was linked to superior brain health, cognitive function and mental wellbeing
Illustration of a human form

Dissecting the Proteome To Understand Disease

Proteomics provides insights into the regulation of biological processes and mechanisms of disease. In this article, we explore approaches scientists are using to find early markers of disease, new drug targets and strategies to overcome resistance to treatments.
Schematic representation of SemaCyte microcarriers including optical barcodes.
Industry Insight

Tackling Unmet Drug Screening Needs

In this interview, Jeroen Verheyen tells us about Semarion, its SemaCyte technology and how it can help to address unmet drug screening needs.
Neurons degenerating.

164 Active Trials Are Testing Alzheimer’s Therapeutics

Alzheimer’s treatment studies offer hope as UNLV expert predicts new potential drugs, biomarkers will yield critical insight for future development.
Illustration of viral particles entering a nose.
Industry Insight

Sniffing Out Disease With “Scentprints”

In this interview, Technology Networks spoke to Karim Aly, CEO of Noze to find out more about replicating human odor perception and the benefits of breath-based disease detection.
Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer Research, Mentorship and Confidence in Your Competence With Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer researcher Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell reflects on her journey into studying health disparities, touches on the importance of mentorship and shares some inspiring advice for women and girls considering a career in STEMM.