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Cancer Genetics – Multimedia

Environment analysis
App Note / Case Study

Simultaneous Analysis of PAHs Across Multiple Matrices

Discover a single quadrupole GC-MS system that can exceed regulatory requirements and facilitate the simultaneous analysis of PAHs in water and soil samples.
An open soda can.

Does Diet Soda Cause Cancer?

The World Health Organization recently added aspartame, an artificial sweetener used in diet soda and tea, to its list of possibly carcinogenic substances. But will diet soda really give you cancer?
Genotoxic App Note Preview
App Note / Case Study

Confidence in Compliance: Genotoxic Impurity Analysis

Stringent safety requirements associated with the analyses of carcinogenic and mutagenic impurities can present significant challenges. Methods must achieve a high level of sensitivity and selectivity while maintaining sufficient sample throughput.
Dividing cancer cells.

Cancer Genomics: Transforming Diagnosis and Treatment

Download this listicle to learn more about cancer genomics, targeted therapies and advanced diagnostics.
Nanopore Sequencing of Cancer Genomes content piece image

Nanopore Sequencing of Cancer Genomes

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research online symposium 2021, Adam Ewing delivered his talk on the nanopore sequencing of cancer genomes and the promising future of this technology.
Cancer Genetics content piece image

Cancer Genetics

In this infographic, we delve into the field of cancer genetics, highlight key milestones and explore how genomic approaches are transforming diagnosis and treatment of the disease in the clinic.
Recent Developments in Proteomics Research content piece image

Recent Developments in Proteomics Research

Here, we take a closer look at some recent developments in the world of proteomics research.
Cancer Epigenetics content piece image

Cancer Epigenetics

Today, there is growing evidence that in various diseases, including different types of cancer, there are underlying epigenetic mechanisms at play. Download this infographic to explore various epigenetic mechanisms in cancer.
Cubis® II Filterweighing content piece image

Cubis® II Filterweighing

Air pollution monitoring is a very important topic to protect human health. Many standards regulate the emission of fuel powered vehicles like automotives (cars, trucks, motorcycles), boats, etc. or industrial sources of air pollution. In particular, ultra-fine particles such as soot particles can accumulate in the lung are classified as carcinogenic, but also asthma, allergies, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are caused by fine dust. Filter weighing is a back-weighing method to determine the level of air pollution.
Analysis of Genotoxic Nitrosamines in Losartan content piece image
App Note / Case Study

Analysis of Genotoxic Nitrosamines in Losartan

Download this app note to discover a system that demonstrates good chromatographic separation of nitrosamine compounds and provides enhanced sensitivity.