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Cell Culture – News and Features

A man sleeps in a bed with striped ben linen.

Small Regions of the Brain Take “Micro-Naps” While the Rest Is Awake

Regions of the brain can momentarily “flicker” awake while the rest of the brain remains asleep, and vice versa while awake, reveals a new study.
Immune cells attacking a cancer cell.

Researchers Create Novel Cell Type That Kills Cancer Cells in Research Models

Researchers have combined the genetic components of four types of cells to make a powerful new cell type, Co-STAR (Co-stimulatory Synthetic T-cell receptor and Antigen Receptor) cells. These cells were able to produce a sustained anti-tumor response against human cancer cells in laboratory studies.
A pregnant woman sits in an armchair in front of a dog.

Pregnancy and Cancer Share a Common Immune Suppression Mechanism

A mechanism called B7-H4 plays an active role in moderating the immune system in both the placenta and the tumor microenvironment. According to research, blocking B7-H4 slows cancer’s growth.
Purple interconnected neurons on a red background.

Key Neuron Regeneration Mechanisms Identified

Direct neuronal reprogramming offers a promising strategy for treating neurological disorders, but the processes involved in this reprogramming are complex.
3D protein molecules showing the molecular backbone

An Introduction to Protein Purification: Methods, Technologies and Applications

The ability to obtain pure proteins is essential for developing drugs, creating vaccines and understanding biological processes. In this article, we discuss what a typical protein purification protocol involves and the various techniques used.
A person with an IV in their hand.

Tissue Stiffness Can Impact Pancreatic Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapy

Researchers have demonstrated that conditions in the matrix surrounding pancreatic cancer cells impact whether those cells respond to chemotherapy.
Two fruit fly brains stained with a marker that indicates cell death.

Targeting Cell Repair Proteins Offers New Avenue for Early Alzheimer's Intervention

According to a new study, a class of proteins that regulates cell repair and enhances cell growth-signaling systems could be a promising new target for the treatment of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Antibodies fighting viruses.

Powerful Imaging Technique Shows How a Promising Antibody Neutralizes the Measles Virus

Researchers at LJI and Columbia University uncover exactly how a neutralizing antibody blocks measles virus infection
White, blue and grey icons on a blue background representing the future of drug discovery. Icons include pie charts, a DNA double helix, a drug capsule, artificial intelligence and cells.

How AI Is (So Close to) Transforming Drug Discovery

In this opinion piece, Markus Gershater provides a comprehensive look into the current state and immense potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping the landscape of drug discovery.
Human immune cells (nucleus: blue, cell boundary: red) with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (green) in the collagen hydrogels.

New 3D Model Speeds Up TB Drug Testing

Researchers from the Department of Bioengineering (BE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), have designed a novel 3D hydrogel culture system that mimics the mammalian lung environment.