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Cell Culture – Products

A PCR Machine.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches Vericheck ddPCR Replication Competent Lentivirus and Replication Competent AAV Kits for Cell and Gene Therapy Production

Rapid, sensitive, and validated detection of viral replication genes using droplet digital™ PCR during cell and gene therapy production.
A scientist in a lab.
Product News

BioCina and NovaCina Forge Strategic Alliance

BioCina Pty Ltd., and NovaCina Pty Ltd., announced a strategic partnership to provide integrated drug substance and drug product solutions for biologics developers.
Cells under a microscope.
Product News

Novel Reagents Advance Research Into Parkinsons Disease and Sleep Disorders

AMSBIO describe how life science research groups are using their BioPORTER®, Detachin™, and SoluLyse™ reagents to make groundbreaking advances in Parkinson’s research, hypersomnia studies and eco-friendly microbial ester production.
A scientist uses a pipette while wearing blue gloves. The image is overlaid with white dots and lines to represent a network.

Embracing Data-Driven Modeling Approaches Into Biopharmaceutical Processing

This article explores new workflows using data-driven modeling to improve culture medium and new control algorithms allowing for better modulation within the bioprocess design space.
Gloved hands hold an agar dish and a cotton swab. In the background other agar dishes and a test tube rack can be seen.

Cell Culture – Good Practice and Advanced Methods

This article explores how quality control can improve protocol standardization, enhance scalability and ensure that cultures meet regulatory criteria.

Molecules joined together.
Product News

Expanded Solutions for Seamless Stem Cell Research

AMSBIO announces the launch of its Expanded Stem Cell Synergy Solutions.
App Note / Case Study

Streamlined Detection and Characterization of Mitochondrial Toxicants

This app note highlights an assay that enables streamlined, sensitive detection and characterization of mitochondrial toxicants.
Someone holding a test tube in front of a model of DNA.
Product News

Asimov Launches Lv Edge Packaging System To Optimize Lentivirus Production

New off-the-shelf system reduces the cost and risk of lentiviral (LV) production for cell and gene therapy developers. Single-plasmid transfection minimizes GMP plasmid costs and supply chain risk.
An organ-on-a-chip.
Product News

CN Bio and Altis Biosystems Partner To Develop Next-Generation Human Gut/Liver In Vitro Model

Strategic partnership harnesses respective organ-specific expertise to provide complete human-derived Organ-on-a-Chip solution for more accurate in vitro ADME predictions.
3D Organoid Research Solutions

3D Organoid Research Solutions

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