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CRISPR and Genome Editing – News and Features

Two researchers in a lab.

Important Gene in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer Identified

A new study from Aarhus University finds that men with mutations in a particular gene are at greater risk of developing metastases after prostate cancer.
A chromosome and a DNA double helix.

Unique CRISPR-Cas System Shows Promise in Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

In nature, bacteria use CRISPR-Cas systems to fight off deadly viruses. A recent international collaboration has shed light on the most enigmatic CRISPR-Cas systems; the type IV system.
A purple human brain.

Gene Delivery Vehicle Shows Promise for Human Gene Therapy

Scientists have engineered an adeno-associated virus (AAV) that efficiently crosses the blood-brain barrier in human cell models and delivers genes throughout the brain in humanized mice.
A scientist holding up a vial containing an image of a DNA double helix.

Top Trends Shaping Pharma in 2024: AI, Gene Editing, Biosimilars and Real-World Data

From AI's transformative role in drug discovery and CRISPR breakthroughs to the rise of biosimilars and real-world data. Learn how these innovations are reshaping pharma and driving progress in 2024.
A white mouse walking over test tubes.

Novel Gene Therapy Targets Disc-Related Back Pain

An estimated 40% of low-back pain cases are attributed to degeneration of the cushiony intervertebral discs that absorb shocks and provide flexibility to the spine.
Microscopic imaging of blood vessels.

Blood Vessel Protein Linked to Drug-Resistant Cancer

Researchers clarify the role of an elusive angiocrine factor in the tumor microenvironment and its effect on cancer stem cells. Further research will serve as a stepping stone to effective therapies for drug-resistant cancer.
Gloved hand using tweezers to remove a test tube from liquid nitrogen.

Overcoming Obstacles in Automating Cryogenic Storage

This article explores the challenges and strategies involved in transitioning to automated cryogenic storage systems. From assessing current infrastructure to gaining organizational buy-in and selecting appropriate containers, follow these steps to help ensure a successful transition to automated cryogenic storage.
Three red tomatoes on a vine.

Researchers Breed Tomatoes That Contain Total Genetic Material of Both Parents

Tomatoes that contain the complete genetic information of both parents could ensure that beneficial traits are passed down through generations.
Bacteria with tails.

Unique Immune Component Allows Deadly Strain of Cholera To Out-Compete Other Variants

The persistence of a deadly strain of cholera that emerged in 1961 has baffled scientists. New research has shown how it has managed to out-compete other variants.
A man in t-shirt and shorts runs along a path.

Experimental Drug Makes Exercise Easier for People With Common Heart Condition

An experimental drug can increase oxygen uptake in people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, making it easier for them to exercise and carry out day-to-day tasks.