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CRISPR and Genome Editing – News and Features

A strand of RNA.

Tiny RNA Targets May Provide New Treatment Options for Chronic Inflammation

UC Santa Cruz researchers have discovered a peptide in human RNA that regulates inflammation and may provide a new path for treating diseases such as arthritis and lupus.
A futuristic-style illustration of a trophy on a dark blue background.
Industry Insight

SLAS Europe 2024 New Product Award: Top Contenders Announced

Finalists for the New Product Award at the SLAS Europe conference showcase cutting-edge innovations in life sciences, evaluated on technical merit, commercial feasibility, originality, impact and market opportunity. Here, we take a look at the six nominees and the products competing for this year’s award.
Cancer cells

Helping Immune Cells Fight Cancer

In this article, we will explore the obstacles that reduce the efficacy of cell-based cancer immunotherapy and strategies to overcome them.
Two heads of wheat, one with sections labelled in pink.

Altering This Gene in Wheat Could Boost Yields

Molecular pathways regulated by a gene that controls wheat-flowering behavior could be altered to achieve greater yields.
Two doctors stitching a patient after surgery

How Cells React to Pig Heart and Kidney Transplants in Humans

Two new studies reveal changes at the single-cell level in the organs and recipients’ bodies before, during and after transplantation with genetically modified pig organs in decedents.
The newly developed multiplexed orthogonal base editors (MOBEs) minimize unwanted edits while still achieving high levels of efficiency.

Multiplexed Orthogonal Base Editors Install Multiple Point Mutations at Once

Researchers from the University of California San Diego have developed new, efficient genome editing tools called multiplexed orthogonal base editors (MOBEs) to install multiple point mutations at once
An outline of the brain, with different areas shown in green and dark blue.

CRISPR Method Rapidly Examines Cellular Drivers of Neurological Diseases

A new CRISPR screening method offers a look into the "black box" of the brain in neurological disorders, potentially uncovering new therapeutic targets and treatments.
The new CRISPR mechanism.

Modifying DNA Repair Pathway Boosts CRISPR’s Accuracy

A new breakthrough strategy strengthens CRISPR editing, minimizing large deletions and enhancing safety and accuracy in genetic modifications.
Two researchers in a lab.

Important Gene in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer Identified

A new study from Aarhus University finds that men with mutations in a particular gene are at greater risk of developing metastases after prostate cancer.
A chromosome and a DNA double helix.

Unique CRISPR-Cas System Shows Promise in Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

In nature, bacteria use CRISPR-Cas systems to fight off deadly viruses. A recent international collaboration has shed light on the most enigmatic CRISPR-Cas systems; the type IV system.