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Drug Kinetics – News and Features

Female scientist tapping on a digital tablet performing pharmaceutical industry research and data analysis
Industry Insight

Collaborative AI Partnership Hopes To Shape the Future of Drug Discovery

Sanofi, Formation Bio and OpenAI are collaborating to build AI-powered software to accelerate drug development. The three teams will combine data, software and tuned models to develop custom, purpose-built solutions for drug discovery.
Virus particles.

This RNA Virus Lurks in Human Parasites

A new RNA virus has been discovered hitching a ride with the common human parasite, Toxoplasmosa gondii .
Gold circles and lines on top of each other.

Producing Gold Nanoparticles in Water Without the Need for Toxic Chemicals

Researchers have produced a range of different types of gold nanoparticles by adjusting water flow in a novel vortex fluidic device – without the need for toxic chemicals.
An assortment of pills.

Smart Coating Reduces Weight Gain and Boosts Serotonin Levels in Antipsychotic Medications

Research from the University of South Australia shows that antipsychotics can be reformulated with a strategically engineered coating that not only mitigates unwanted weight gain but also boosts serotonin levels by more than 250%.
This digitally-colorized, negative-stained transmission electron microscopic (TEM) image depicted a number of Influenza A virions.

Drug-Like Molecule Shows Promise in Preventing Flu Infection

Scripps Research scientists have developed a potential drug-like molecule that blocks the first stage of type A influenza infection. The drug-like inhibitors block the virus from entering the body’s respiratory cells.
Cancer cells.

Mouse Study Explores Why Glioblastoma Treatment May Work Better in the Morning

Glioblastoma is an aggressive brain cancer that has no cure. A recent chart study of patients with glioblastoma found that taking chemotherapy in the morning was associated with a three- to six-month increase in median survival.
Two researchers at a whiteboard.

Physicists Propose Path to Faster, More Flexible Soft Robots

Physicists have revealed a microscopic phenomenon that could greatly improve the performance of soft devices, like flexible robots or microscopic capsules for drug delivery.
A scientist pipetting into a test tube.

Study Sheds Light on Preventing PXR-Associated Drug Resistance

Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital uncovered a route to blocking activity of protein notorious for eliminating drugs, offering a potential boon to cancer therapy.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Designing Peptoids That Mimic Nature’s Helices

Nature is filled with extraordinarily precise molecular shapes that fit together like a hand in glove. Proteins, for example, can assemble into a wide variety of well-defined shapes that grant them their function.
An individual holding up a piece of hair that has come out of their head.

Microneedle Patch Offers Hope for Alopecia Areata Treatment

Researchers developed a potential new treatment for alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder causing hair loss. The new microneedle patch delivers immune-regulating molecules that can teach T cells not to attack hair follicles, helping hair regrow.