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Food and Beverage Analysis – News and Features

A pile of blueberries with water droplets on.

Blueberry Wine Can Sustain the Fruit's Benefits

Researchers have studied how the fermentation process affects the nutrients in blueberries as they are turned into wine, finding that the vinification process can maintain the benefits of the fruit.
Bacteria with tails.

Unique Immune Component Allows Deadly Strain of Cholera To Out-Compete Other Variants

The persistence of a deadly strain of cholera that emerged in 1961 has baffled scientists. New research has shown how it has managed to out-compete other variants.
A spoonful of peanut butter balanced on top of the jar, with whole peanuts in the background.

Antibody Levels Can Predict Children Likely To Outgrow Peanut Allergies

Changes in antibody levels over time can predict which children are likely to outgrow their peanut allergy, according to a new study.
A plastic model of human lungs, bisected to show the internal structures.

The Role of Iron in Allergic Asthma Could Be Targeted in Potential New Treatments

Iron drives inflammation in the lungs during an allergic asthma attack, presenting a target for new treatments.
Representation of a neutrophil.

Neutrophils: Neutrophil Function, Origin and Related Conditions

In this article, we consider what neutrophils are, how they are generated, their function in the body and medical conditions related to them.
Two pigs looking over a wooden fence.

Copper Beads in Pig Feed Show Potential for Gut Health Benefits

Since pigs can tolerate high levels of the metal, researchers at Texas Tech University in Amarillo recently investigated whether copper might be used to promote pig gut health and reduce the shedding of microbes to the environment.
A young baby curled up asleep in the hands of a man and a woman.

Mycotoxin Exposure and Early Life Gut Microbiome Development in Nigerian Neonates and Infants

Interactions between mycotoxins and the gut microbiome are complex and can contribute to their impact. Nigerian mother–infant dyads were recruited to investigate potential influences of mycotoxins' on the gut microbiota during early development.
Bacteria bloom on a petri dish.

Deadly Bacteria Seek Out and Feed On Human Blood

"Bacterial vampirism" is a newly-discovered phenomenon where deadly bacteria seek out and feed on human blood.
A researcher holding a petri dish containing salmonella bacteria.

Deadly Bacteria Are Drawn to Human Blood

A team have found the bacteria are attracted to the liquid part of blood, or serum, which contains nutrients the bacteria can use as food. One of the chemicals the bacteria seemed particularly drawn to was serine, an amino acid found in human blood.
A pair of asthma inhalers.

Researchers Find No Link Between COVID-19 and Increased Asthma Risk

New research shows that a SARS-CoV-2 infection does not increase the risk of asthma development in children.