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Gene and Cell Therapy – Multimedia

Cancer molecule
How To Guide

Your Comprehensive Guide to Tools for Immuno-Oncology Research

In this guidebook, you will discover educational resources and solutions for a number of immuno-oncology research approaches, including checkpoint inhibition, CAR T cell therapy, and cancer vaccine research.
A scientist in a lab coat is examining a specimen under a microscope, conducting research in a laboratory setting.

Developing Safe and Effective Cell Therapies

Cell and gene therapies are leading a new driving force behind innovative medical treatments for diseases such as cancer. However, manufacturing such products comes with challenges, due to the wide array of guidelines and safety requirements.
Synthetic Biology in Medicine infographic snippet

Synthetic Biology in Medicine

Download this infographic to learn about medical applications for synthetic biology, such as diagnostics and biosensors, cell therapy and precision medicine, and synthetic bacterial therapeutics.
Digital dPCR system

Realize the Full Potential of Digital PCR

Uncover the rationale and methodology behind the integration of dPCR into workflows for optimized performance in cell and gene therapy, cancer research, gene expression analysis, microbial detection and more.
Cell Structure
App Note / Case Study

Large-Scale Expansion of PSCs To Support Cell Therapy Manufacturing

This application note introduces a suspension medium for use in the production of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) for allogeneic therapies, enabling a seamless transition from research to clinical settings.
A person in a blue glove holding a vial for medical testing and analysis.

Bioprocessing Residue Detection Solutions

This eBook highlights reagent kits for the detection of residual components across a range of biologics.
Detecting Contamination in Biopharmaceuticals

Rapid Contamination Detection in Short Shelf-Life Biopharmaceuticals

This poster explores state-of-the-art nucleic acid detection, the critical steps and the advantages of this approach.
Rendered image of cells.

Cell Therapy: Clinical Applications, Manufacturing and Regulation

Download this listicle to learn more about the applications of cell therapy, the regulatory landscape of cell therapy, and manufacturing and scalability challenges.
AKTA System
App Note / Case Study

Single-Use Technology Designed for Small Batches in Gene Therapy Manufacturing

But how do you purify small volumes for preclinical and clinical studies without losing too much to processing or leaving capacity unused?
Viles Vector

Productivity Optimization for AAV Affinity Chromatography

The industry has adopted standardized methods for the production and purification of rAAV, streamlining processes for greater efficiency. However, high titers are crucial for meeting demand and cutting costs for therapies that require large doses or have wide patient bases.