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Gene and Cell Therapy – News and Features

A gloved hand holds a syringe filled with yellow liquid.

Gene Therapy Trial for Sickle Cell Disease Publishes Final Results

The final results of a clinical trial for the gene therapy CASGEVY, which was used to treat sickle-cell disease, have been published.
Cell therapy.

"Off-the-Shelf" Treatment in Development for Incurable Brain Tumors

Researchers are developing and validating a patent-pending treatment for incurable glioblastoma brain tumors. Traditional methods used against other cancers, like chemotherapy and immunotherapy, are often ineffective on glioblastoma.
A pair of cancer cells are attacked by two immune cells.

Increasing T-Cell Survival To Improve Cancer Immunotherapy

T-cell exhaustion can prevent optimal responses to immunotherapy, but a new cytokine "cocktail" may help increase T-cell survival.
A cancer patient has their blood pressure checked by a doctor.

Engineered Peptides Open New Avenue for Immunotherapy

The immune system is built to identify and eliminate diseased cells, but cancer cells often avoid detection. Researchers have designed a new method for developing immunotherapy drugs using engineered peptides to elicit a natural immune response inside the body.

Cell therapy.

Cell Therapy Treatment Effectively Treats Immune-Compromised Children

In a first-of-its-kind clinical trial, researchers found that intravenous therapies made from virus-specific T-cells (VST) can effectively treat immunocompromised pediatric patients, far surpassing the current standard of care.
Cancer cells.

Study Uncovers Potential Immunotherapy Approach for Rare Eye Cancer

New research explains why metastatic uveal melanoma is resistant to conventional immunotherapies and how adoptive therapy can successfully treat this rare and aggressive cancer.
Protein structure.

Protein That Controls CAR T-Cell Longevity Identified

In a new study, researchers have found that a protein called FOXO1 improves the survival and function of CAR T cells, which may lead to more effective CAR T cell therapies and could potentially expand its use in difficult-to-treat cancers.
A gloved hand pipettes liquid into a petri dish

Microbial Monitoring for Biopharma Manufacturing

Contamination is a significant issue for bioprocessing as it results in loss of time, money and effort. This article will explore the pivotal role of microbial monitoring in upholding product safety and quality standards within the biopharmaceutical industry.
Strand of orange mRNA on a blue background.
Industry Insight

Harnessing the Therapeutic Potential of Circular RNA

In this interview, Erik Digman Wiklund tells us about the discovery of circRNA and discusses some of the challenges of harnessing its full potential for therapeutic interventions.
Olive oil next to a plant on a table.

Potential Therapy Identified for Gene Mutation Associated With Increased Viral Infection Susceptibility

A gene mutation associated with a rare neurological disorder and increased susceptibility to viral infections may be treatable with oleic acid.