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Infectious Diseases – Products

Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Evonetix Places First DNA Synthesis Development Platform at Imperial College London

External placement marks a key milestone in the development of Evonetix’s benchtop DNA synthesis technology, in preparation for customer use and commercialization.
The mRNA Therapeutics Boom

The Power of mRNA in Accelerating Therapeutic Development

mRNA-based therapies, from infectious disease vaccines to genetic disorder treatments, are gaining traction. However, mRNA purification methods must evolve beyond traditional precipitation techniques to meet the demands of large-scale therapeutic production.
A scientist pipetting coloured liquid into vials.
Product News

TherageniX and University of Nottingham Awarded £995K Innovate UK Grant to Develop Powdered Gene Therapy for Bone Regeneration

TherageniX, have been awarded a £995,000 grant from Innovate UK. The funding will support the development of the Company’s gene therapy in a powder, a non-viral gene delivery system to improve tissue regeneration following surgery.
Vaccine Development

Influenza Vaccine Development and Production Solutions

Learn more about influenza vaccine solutions!
A lateral flow test.
Product News

GADx’s Rapid Diagnostic Test, BotrytisAlert, Demonstrates Utility Across Wine Production System

Lateral flow test enables Botrytis concentration to be measured in grape must and in finished wine, in addition to monitoring in the vineyard.
Vaccine vials.
Product News

NIH and Exothera Collaborate To Produce GMP Intranasal Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

The National Institutes of Health selected Exothera S.A. therapeutics to develop the manufacturing process for NIH’s intranasal vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.
Several tiles with varying letters on them to represent the genomic bases of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Begins Commercialization of the Onso Short-Read Sequencing System

The Onso Platform Delivers Extraordinary Accuracy Which Creates New Possibilities for Research and Translational Sequencing Applications.
Protein structure.
Product News

Nanopore Technology Achieves Breakthrough in Protein Variant Detection

A team of scientists led by the University of Oxford have achieved a significant breakthrough in detecting modifications on protein structures.
IT-Leish diagnostic test packs.
Product News

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) Reintroduces IT-Leish, the Rapid Diagnostic Test for Visceral Leishmaniasis

Test reintroduced to the market following regulatory and performance validation for UKCA marking.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Integrated DNA Technologies Launches New Respiratory Virus Panel

New ready-to-ship xGen™ NGS solution will enable researchers to combat challenging diseases of today and prepare for the next pathogen of tomorrow.