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Mass Spectrometry – Multimedia

High-throughput high-resolution data-independent acquisition workflow on an Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer for accurate label-free quantitation
App Note / Case Study

Optimized Approaches for High-Throughput Protein Quantitation

This tech note explores the integration of automated sample preparation, robust LC-MS/MS analysis, and advanced data analysis software to achieve high-throughput and accurate label-free quantitation.
DNA infographic

Enhanced Protein Identification and Quantification With Optimized DIA

This infographic outlines an optimized approach that employs automated sample preparation with optimal configurations and methods to maximize DIA performance.
A image of the eBook- Bioconjugation and crosslinking technical handbook

Optimize Your Bioconjugation Strategies

This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of the key considerations, including a portfolio of reagents, for bioconjugation, crosslinking and the modification of proteins and peptides.
A factory producing air pollution
App Note / Case Study

High-Throughput Analysis of PFAS in Air

This application note showcases a fast, high-throughput approach to measure 19 target PFAS compounds with precision and efficiency.
Green leaf floating in polluted water
App Note / Case Study

The Benefits of Hydrogen Carrier Gas in PCB Analysis

This application note demonstrates how hydrogen carrier gas can be used in place of helium for GC-MS/MS analysis of PCBs, giving laboratories greater flexibility and ensuring sustained, cost-effective operations.
Some food samples sat in dishes on top of graph results
App Note / Case Study

Enhancing Food Safety With GC-MS/MS

This case study discusses how to address these problems with a simple GC-MS/MS workflow that enhances instrument uptime and sensitivity while being easy to maintain.
A scientist taking a water sample from natural water
App Note / Case Study

Improve Your Environmental Analysis With a Single GC-MS/MS Workflow

This application showcases a simple GC-MS/MS workflow that can be used to analyze different environmental contaminants and can help environmental laboratories to maximize efficiency, productivity and revenue.
prescribed pain medication
App Note / Case Study

Transition to Hydrogen Carrier Gas for Nitrosamine Analysis

This application note explores the suitability of hydrogen carrier gas, in comparison to helium, for the analysis of eight nitrosamine impurities found in pharmaceutical products.
k Tractor working in field
How To Guide

Your Guide to GC-MS/MS Pesticide Residue Analysis

This guide provides methods, best practices and troubleshooting tips for robust GC-MS/MS multiresidue pesticide analysis and maintaining quality control standards in environmental testing.
A screenshot from the infographic showing a person in PPE placing a beaker in a water source.

Emerging Contaminants in Water: Type and Testing

Water, water, everywhere, and every drop tested via a mass spectrometer. Such is the dream of many a water analyst.