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Mass Spectrometry – News and Features

A scientist working on the internal workings of a piece of equipment with graphs and shapes overlayed on the image.

How To Deal With Missing Lipidomics Values

Scientists looked at common methods used to impute missing values in lipidomics datasets and tested how suitable they were for different types of missing data, with a special focus on values below the limit of detection.
Two salad tomatoes on a green background.

Researchers Uncover a "Parallel Universe" of Tomato Genetics

Researchers at Michigan State University have unraveled a surprising genetic mystery centered on acylsugars in tomato plants. These are sticky defense metabolites usually found in tiny hairs on a plant’s surface.
A close up of a patients hand attached to a tube feeding medicine.

New Closed-Loop Drug Delivery System Could Improve Chemotherapy

To make chemotherapy dosing more accurate, MIT engineers have come up with a way to continuously measure how much drug is in the patient’s system during the hours-long infusion.
A tomato plant in a bed of soil.

Tomato Tar Reveals "Parallel Universe" in Tomato Genetics

Researchers have unraveled a surprising genetic mystery centered on sugars found in what gardeners know as “tomato tar", revealing a "parallel universe" in tomato genetics.
A seaside town with a beach and sea in the foreground.

Protecting Our Oceans Starts With Testing – Part One

The analytical testing of our oceans is paramount to check for the presence and concentrations of pollutants, helping protect human health and biodiversity. The resulting data can also help to ensure compliance and give insights into climate change.
A young baby curled up asleep in the hands of a man and a woman.

Mycotoxin Exposure and Early Life Gut Microbiome Development in Nigerian Neonates and Infants

Interactions between mycotoxins and the gut microbiome are complex and can contribute to their impact. Nigerian mother–infant dyads were recruited to investigate potential influences of mycotoxins' on the gut microbiota during early development.
A pond next to a road.

Retention Ponds Reduce Tyre Particle Pollution

Retention ponds and wetlands constructed as part of major road schemes can reduce the quantities of tyre particles entering the aquatic environment by an average of 75%, new research has shown.
Schematic diagram of experimental process and results.

Sniffing Out Bacteria: Novel Approach for Rapid Bacterial Species Identification

Do you ever wonder how researchers identify bacterial infections? Traditionally, the method is time-consuming with a detection process. A research team come up with a faster solution and published the way in Analyst as inside front cover.
Three paint rollers painting strips of colour on a white wall.

Water-Based Paints May Still Contain Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

Water-based paints have emerged as “greener” and less smelly than solvent-based options. And they are often advertised as containing little-to-no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
A mug of herbal tea.

Lipids With Potential Health Benefits Found in Herbal Teas

The lipids in some herbal teas have been identified in detail for the first time, preparing the ground for investigating their contribution to the health benefits of the teas.