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Multiomics – News and Features

Leafcutter ants carry leaves to their nest.

Laser Reveals How Leafcutter Ants Farm Fungi

Researchers have analyzed the components and biochemical reactions needed for leafcutter ants to farm fungi that degrade plants, turning them into necessary nutrients.
A bowl of vegan food.

Shifting to a Vegan or Keto Diet Rapidly Impacts Your Immune System

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health observed rapid and distinct immune system changes in a small study of people who switched to a vegan or a ketogenic (also called keto) diet.

Rising Sea Levels Could Mean More Methane Emitted From Wetlands

As sea levels rise due to global warming, ecosystems are being altered. Scientists believed that the tidal wetlands found in estuaries might produce less methane. However, researchers indicate that these assumptions aren’t always true.
Cancer cells.

Precision Medicine Platform Used To Improve Pancreatic Cancer Care

Through molecular twin precision oncology platform, Cedars-Sinai cancer investigators identify biomarkers that outperform standard test and could expand the promise of precision medicine.

Bacterial Immune System Makes Them More Susceptible to Antibiotics

A research team has now shown how the immune system enhances the effect of specific antibiotics against the cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae.
A woman sleeping in bed.

Researchers Finally Uncover the Mystery of Why We Sleep

Sleep helps restore the brain’s operating system to a critical state, according to new findings from WashU researchers in biology and physics.
A pregnant woman in a yellow dress holds her belly.

A New Direction for Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy weight and blood-based biomarkers in women with gestational diabetes could offer a new direction for precision diagnostics, report researchers.
Cartoon of a scientist next to bacteria in intestines.

Therapeutic Food Repairs Malnourished Children’s Gut Microbiomes

New research has identified key, naturally occurring biochemical components of a novel therapeutic food that is aimed at repairing malnourished children’s underdeveloped gut microbiomes.
Ball and stick model of a protein.

TIMS: A New Dimension in Protein Analysis

This article explores application areas that are showing the most potential for this technology and illustrates how ML approaches are being applied to maximize its value.
An elderly woman on a swing and a man standing near

Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s in Women Linked to Immunity and Metabolism

Researchers have analyzed the genes and brain tissue of patients with Alzheimer’s and found that differences in brain immunometabolism – the interactions between the immune system and the ways cells create energy – may contribute to women’s increased risk for the disease and its severity.