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Neurotechnology – News and Features

An abstract model of a human brain with coloured string emitting from the sides.

Brain’s Decision-Making Functions Are Disrupted in OCD

A new study shows that teenagers with OCD experience deficits in decision making and behavioural control. This is linked to abnormal activity in an area of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC).
A caterpillar on a stick.

Caterpillars Chubby Legs May Have Evolved From Crabs

The existence of extra legs in caterpillars has long posed an evolutionary mystery to biologists. A recent study by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) linked this novel trait to crustaceans.
Schematic of neural response for linear magnetic-to-electric conversion (top two conversions) versus nonlinear (bottom third).

Magnetoelectric Material Can Reconnect Severed Nerves

Researchers have long recognized the therapeutic potential of using magnetoelectrics to stimulate neural tissue in a minimally invasive way and help treat neurological disorders or nerve damage.
Gloved hands plug an electrical device into the back of a person's head.

Paralyzed Patients Speak Again Thanks to AI-Powered Brain Implants

Efforts to restore speech to people silenced by brain injuries and diseases have taken a significant step forward with the publication of two new papers in the journal Nature.

A human brain on a blue and purple background.

Classic Pink Floyd Track Decoded From Brain Activity

Neuroscientists at Albany Medical Center diligently recorded the activity of electrodes placed on the brains of patients being prepared for epilepsy surgery while listening to Pink Floyd.
A chalk outline of a head with arrows coming from it and ADHD written below.

Brain Stimulation Explored for Childhood ADHD

A novel form of brain stimulation may offer a new treatment option for childhood ADHD, reports a new trial that saw clinical improvement in ADHD symptoms in 55% of children.
A person with albinism stares into the camera.

Why People With Albinism Often Have Poor Vision

People with albinism – which occurs in 1 in 20,000 Europeans – often have poor vision. A new study reveals the underlying cause.
Nerve cells.

Brain Stimulation Can Restore Gait Function in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

Novel non-pharmacological and non-invasive treatment may offer significant relief to and restore gait function in patients with neurological disorders.
Chalk drawing of a brain over the letters "ADHD"

Hope That Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Treatment Could Ease Childhood ADHD

In a clinical trial, 55% of children showed significant clinical improvements in ADHD symptoms after a two-week program of brain stimulation.

More Efficient Industrial Water Purification Made Possible by Novel Artificial Water Channel

Researchers have successfully synthesized a special protein-mimic that can self-assemble into a pore structure and could be used to improve the energy efficiency of industrial water purification.