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Personalized Medicine – News and Features

A person massages their sore wrist.

Tool Predicts Nerve Damage From Cancer Treatment

Many women treated for breast cancer using taxanes, a type of cytostatic drug, often experience side effects in the nervous system. Researchers have now developed a tool that can predict the risk level for each individual.
Dr. Hui Jiang.
Industry Insight

Forging a Career in a Male-Dominated Field With Dr. Hui Jiang

In this interview, Dr. Hui Jiang explores her inspirations and achievements and gives advice to women starting a career in the science industry.
Various cell types inside SemaCyte wells.
Industry Insight

Semarion Wins SLAS Europe Ignite Award 2024

At SLAS Europe 2024, Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Jeroen Verheyen, CEO of Semarion, to discuss their award-winning work and how technological innovations advance research.
Cell therapy.

CAR T-Cell Production Pioneered Using “Ultra-Small” Bioreactor

This is the first demonstration of T-cell culture in a microfluidic chip the size of a pack of cards, allowing the miniaturisation of CAR T-cell production for cancer treatment.
A scientist pipetting into an agar plate.

New “Liquid Core” Fibers Developed for Drug-Delivering Medical Dressings

Empa researchers are developing polymer fibers that can deliver active ingredients precisely over the long term. These "liquid core fibers" contain drugs inside and can be processed into medical textiles.
A gloved hand placing a vial inside an LC-MS instrument.

Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Pharmaceutical Development

In this article, we explore how mass spectrometry imaging technology is evolving into a high-resolution spatial biology toolset to transform drug discovery and development.

Celiac Drug Shows Promise in Early Trial

A recent study investigated whether a transglutaminase 2 inhibitor has potential as a drug to treat celiac disease. Previous tissue studies have shown that the ZED1227 transglutaminase 2 inhibitor prevents gluten-induced intestinal damage.
B cells.

Treatment Shifting Immune Balance Fights Autoimmune Disease

A Kobe University study of how the treatment acts on the immune system shows that it shifts the balance of types of immune cells. This finding may represent a step toward the development of personalized medicine for autoimmune diseases.
A patient sitting with their doctor.

Sepsis Genes Guide Personalized Treatment

New research uncovers how different people respond to sepsis based on their genetic makeup, which could help identify who would benefit from certain treatments and lead to the development of targeted therapies.
An abstract image of the brain.

Brain Imaging Identifies Six Subtypes of Depression

Stanford Medicine scientists have identified six “biotypes” of depression by using machine learning to group depressed patients’ brain images.