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Petrochemicals – News and Features

A plastic container lying on a beach.

Researchers Develop Biodegradable Plastic That Won’t Leave Microplastics Behind

The new plant-based polymers biodegrade in under seven months, even at the microplastic level.
Solar panels under a blue sky.

Researchers Take Major Step Toward Next-Generation Solar Cells

An innovative method to manufacture perovskite solar cells has brought next-generation solar technology one step closer.
The ends of cut wooden logs.

Transforming Wood Waste for Sustainable Manufacturing

Lignin is an abundant byproduct of paper manufacturing that could be broken down to form compounds usually sourced from petroleum, reports a new study.
A row on people sitting in a conference talk taking notes.

Separation Scientists Gather To Exchange Ideas

The 34th International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC 2024) will be taking place this October in Liverpool, UK, but what will ISC 2024 offer attendees and what does the event mean for the scientific community?
A woman wearing a respirator mask stands on top of a hill, with smog in the background

Magnetic Airborne Particles Linked to Development of Alzheimer’s

Tiny magnetic particles in the air could be linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, a new study suggests.
A lit gas stove emits blue flame.

Your Gas Stove May Be Releasing More Harmful Nanoparticles Than Vehicle Exhaust

Cooking on your gas stove can emit more nano-sized particles into the air than vehicles that run on gas or diesel, possibly increasing your risk of developing asthma or other respiratory illnesses.
A fingerprint, shown in bright white on a black background.

Scientists Develop Biocompatible Fluorescent Spray That Detects Fingerprints in Ten Seconds

Researchers have developed a non-toxic fluorescent spray that detects fingerprints in just a few seconds, making forensic investigations safer, easier and quicker.
Three scientists positioned around a globe and labware, with various icons symbolizing sustainable science.
Industry Insight

Supporting Sustainable Biopharmaceutical Production With Plant-Based Plastic Labware

Encouraging scientists to rethink the materials and methods they use will help to foster a culture of sustainability within research institutions and across various industries. Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Joel Eichmann from Green Elephant Biotech to learn more about the creation of its plant-based plastic labware, and his broader vision for embedding sustainability within the biotech industry.
Electricity sparks between two surfaces.

A Jolt of Electricity Can Boost Common Catalytic Reactions, Study Finds

A jolt of electricity could boost the efficiency of some key chemical processing reactions by up to a factor of 100,000, reports a new study.
Smoke coming from factory chimneys.

Conversion Process Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Ethylene

Engineers at the University of Cincinnati created a more efficient way of converting carbon dioxide into valuable products while simultaneously addressing climate change.