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Screening Strategies in Drug Discovery – Products

6135 LC/MSD XT

Agilent Certified Pre-Owned 6135 LC/MSD XT

The Agilent InfinityLab LC/MSD XT system brings ultimate analytical power to your large molecule chromatography by adding mass analysis
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Product News

Ingenza Expanding codABLE® Gene Design Algorithm To Aid Recombinant Protein Production in Yeast

Scottish CRDMO Ingenza has secured innovation funding to adapt its codABLE® machine learning platform to precisely control recombinant protein expression in the industrial yeast Pichia pastoris.
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Product News

Sino Biological Finalizes the Acquisition of SignalChem Biotech

Sino Biological, Inc. ("Sino Biological" or the "Company”), has successfully concluded its acquisition of Vancouver-based Canadian biotechnology company SignalChem Biotech Inc.
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Product News

Metrion Biosciences Enhances High Throughput Screening Services With Access to Enamine Compound Libraries

Access to compound collection enables greater flexibility and efficiencies in screening and target identification.
Fluorescence readout on an ArrayPlex microarray.
Product News

Arrayjet’s ArrayPlex Platform Selected by Immunome for Use in Its Discovery of Targeted Cancer Therapies

Arrayjet’s patented spot-on-spot microarray screening technology is available for customers to adopt in-house and via Arrayjet’s CRO/CMO services.
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Product News

Cresset® Announces Global Collaboration With Enamine on New Virtual Screening Drug Discovery Technology

Cresset, announces a collaboration with Enamine to develop innovative new solutions for the early drug discovery process.
High-Throughput Screening Methods for Drug Discovery content piece image

High-Throughput Screening Methods for Drug Discovery

Due to the sheer number of possible compounds available, pharmaceutical companies have been adopting high-throughput screening (HTS) methods that can screen chemical libraries rapidly and inexpensively to identify the most promising compounds with activity against a specific biological target.
11K graphic, representing 11,000 human protein measurements using the SomaScan Assay

SomaScan® 11K Assay Services: Unparallelled Protein Content for High-Plex Protein Profiling and Biomarker Discovery

Introducing the SomaScan® 11K Assay – Pioneering proteomics. SomaLogic's high-plex, high throughput assay covers half the human proteome, empowering researchers to identify unique pathway and protein signatures. Explore the power of more.
Discover an LC/MS System That Is Rapid, Proven and Compete
App Note / Case Study

Discover a MS System That Is Proven Rapid and Complete

The latest automated systems bypass extraneous sample preparation, improve efficiency, and enable the generation of high-quality reproducible data. This compendium highlights cutting-edge applications of a modified MS system that unlocks the analytical power of high-throughput MS.
surface plasmon resonance, Biacore; discovery, screening, characterization, protein-protein interactions, bispecific antibodies

Biacore™ 8 Series SPR Systems

Biacore™ 8 series SPR systems

Your discovery — accelerated. With maximized capacity. High quality binding data to meet your toughest challenges in screening, characterization, process optimization, and quality control.